How to get Silicon Neuroma in Destiny 2

It drops from a slightly different location now.

Screengrab via Bungie

Weapon pools in Destiny 2 change over time, and players saw some of the armaments in the game come and go in recent years. It’s the case for Silicon Neuroma—the gun would drop from The Pyramidion Nightfall on Io but disappeared after its Power Level was capped and after Io was removed from the game with Beyond Light.

For The Witch Queen, though, Silicon Neuroma is once again back in the loot pool, and it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. The perk pool on Silicon Neuroma can definitely make it worth the grind, and this 72rpm sniper could end up as a favorite to take on the Kinetic slot.

As of The Witch Queen, Silicon Neuroma is available as a random reward from Nightfalls when it’s on rotation. Each week, Nightfall completions have a chance to award a specific weapon, so players can get Silicon Neuroma by finishing a Nightfall whenever it’s on tap. Higher-difficulty completions have more chance of getting what you need, and finishing a Grandmaster Nightfall when Silicon Neuroma is in rotation will award you with an Adept version of the weapon, capable of using Adept mods.

Silicon Neuroma can also come with a series of desirable perk combinations across both columns, including some of the meta sniper perks like Triple Tap (PvE), Snapshot Sights (PvP), and Firing Line (PvE).

One of the benefits of having an Adept version of Silicon Neuroma is that it can use Adept Big Ones Spec, which combines the effects of both Boss Spec and Major Spec in a single mod. Since Silicon Neuroma is mostly used against them anyway, this can give players some extra damage against both bosses and Majors.