How to get Renewal Grasps in Destiny 2

Hunters can have a little defense, as a treat.

Image via Bungie

The reworks to the Void subclass might be stealing the show in the early weeks of Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion, but the power of the Stasis subclass in PvE and PvP content is still palpable. This is, in part, thanks to Bungie introducing a new Stasis-themed Exotic armor piece for each class to further enhance specific playstyles. For Hunters, Renewal Grasps are new Exotic gauntlets centered around empowering your Duskfield Grenade with new defensive utility.

To get Renewal Grasps, you have two options. You can either complete The Witch Queen’s campaign on Legend difficulty and acquire it as a reward from Ikora or you can farm for it in a Lost Sector when solo on Legend or Master difficulty.

Despite Hunters not being traditionally known for their defensive attributes, Renewal Grasps hold incredible power with good Duskfield Grenade placement. These Exotic gauntlets increase the size of the grenade and offer damage resistance when sitting inside of its radius, as well as damage-decreasing debuffs for any enemies within its area-of-effect. In the Crucible alone, an opponent caught inside of your Duskfield Grenade empowered by the Renewal Grasps Exotic will deal 50-percent less damage to you. This level of damage resistance also stacks with Fragments like Whisper of Chains, making your Guardian the hardest kill on the field for a short time. Enemies don’t expect a resilient Hunter to begin with and the potential of these gauntlets can’t be overstated.

If you choose to acquire them through The Witch Queen’s Legend campaign, all you need to do is talk to Ikora at The Enclave after completing the final mission as a Hunter. After she gives you the 1520 Power gear, you’ll be able to choose between Renewal Grasps or Blight Ranger, the two new Hunter exotics. The stat roll on the armor piece won’t be too impressive, but it gives you the opportunity to try out its benefits and experiment.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer a chance to more efficiently farm for Renewal Grasps. When the daily Lost Sector has Exotic gauntlets listed as the potential reward, completing it solo as a Hunter on Legend or Master difficulty will have a chance of awarding you Renewal Grasps from the Lost Sector’s refined loot pool. The random rolls on these rewards also tend to be much higher than the ones Ikora hands out at the end of The Witch Queen campaign. It might take a few runs to get the drop you want, but it will be worth the effort.