How to get Fallen Sunstar in Destiny 2

A fabulous fashion statement with fabulous effects.

Image via Bungie

It’s aesthetic is unconventional, but the Fallen Sunstar Exotic helmet—the new Warlock Exotic armor piece in Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder—is designed to make an unconventional playstyle have a place in the meta as well.

With the Arc 3.0 rework now live, the ability to create Ionic Traces has been moved into the new Electrostatic Mind Aspect for the Warlock. With picked-up Ionic Traces already making the player Amplified as well as granting a small amount of ability energy, and Ionic Traces being easy to generate through Arc abilities, Fallen Sunstar’s Exotic effects are all about doubling down on their impact.

Ionic Traces that you generate move faster on their return back to you with Fallen Sunstar equipped, and when they are collected, the amount of ability energy that they grant is now greatly increased. The additional ability energy gains allow for a more consistent loop with your Arc abilities that are effectively required to generate additional Ionic Traces. But the greater personal energy bonuses are not the only effect Fallen Sunstar has. The helmet also grants ability energy to your nearby allies when an Ionic Trace is picked up. This can be an incredibly useful tool in ability-heavy fireteam compositions, where the cooldown of a Titan barricade or a grenade can be the difference.

How to get the Fallen Sunstar helmet in Destiny 2

Screengrab via Bungie

Par for the course with previous Destiny 2 seasons, Fallen Sunstar’s release is weaved into the Exotic loot pool of the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which rotate daily. These higher-difficulty options for the Lost Sectors littered around the Solar System contain the likes of Champions and limited respawns but yield exclusive rewards. Many Exotics, such as Fallen Sunstar, are only available through completing a Legend or Master Lost Sector while playing solo.

While rewards are not guaranteed on each run, runs should only take a few minutes and you will always earn new Exotics before any duplicates in the loot table. Farming is efficient and encouraged with the smaller pool of rewards in these Lost Sectors, but players should always check to see what the current highlighted Lost Sector is with higher difficulties available. This is because only one type of armor will be available to earn each day, so it’s important to check ahead of time what the current Legend and Master Lost Sector is offering since you’ll need it to be awarding helmets to acquire Fallen Sunstar.