How to get Boots of the Assembler in Destiny 2

The new Season of the Splicer Exotic makes buffing your allies even easier.

Image via Bungie

Warlocks can provide a series of buffs to their allies in Destiny 2—even more with the new Exotic Leg Armor from Season of the Splicer.

Entering a rift with Boots of the Assembler sends off homing projectiles that either heal or increase damage for nearby allies outside of it, depending on the type of rift involved. Hitting a teammate with a bolt also increases the rift’s duration for five seconds.

How to get Boots of the Assembler in Destiny 2

The three new Season of the Splicer Exotics are locked behind Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which rotate every week between Europa, the Moon, the Cosmodrome, and the EDZ. Two of them will be active each day, with a rotation every 24 hours. These types of sectors will award Exotic Armor pieces for a specific slot each day (head, chest, legs, or arms), so the quest for Boots of the Assembler begins by being at the right place at the right time.

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors are far more punishing than their regular counterpart and contain numerous champions, a Match Game modifier, and a finite number of revives. They also have a much higher Power Level (1,310 and 1,340, respectively). This can make them a particularly daunting endeavor, especially during the first few weeks of a season thanks to a lower base power level and a lower artifact power bonus. To unlock those sectors, Guardians must first complete the regular version of them on each character.

How to use Boots of the Assembler in Destiny 2

This Exotic improves the Warlocks’ healing capacity regardless of subclass since just creating a rift will shoot out healing bolts toward allies. It’s also a formidable offensive tool since an Empowering Rift will increase the damage of nearby squadmates outside of the rift. And yes, that works in the Crucible as well.

Boots of the Assembler can quickly carve out a spot as a PvP Exotic for Warlocks thanks to its capacity to quickly increase damage for allies or provide quick healing.