How to get Austringer in Destiny 2

It's back.

Screengrab via Bungie

Few hand cannons can inspire a following like Austringer did in Destiny 2. The opulent hand cannon was part of the Menagerie loot when it launched in season seven and there were plenty of reasons for players to chase it at the time—including an ornament, which is a relatively rare precedent for a Legendary weapon.

Austringer was one of the many weapons that had its Power Level capped (“sunset”) in Beyond Light, making it nearly unusable in most activities with Power Level advantages enabled and in high-end content. This pushed it into more of a decoration than a weapon, and nostalgic players would keep it in their vaults as a relic of an older time or even use it to shoot the occasional Dregs or other low-level enemies in Patrol areas or Strikes. For most content where Power Level mattered, though, it was hard to bring an Austringer to the mix.

With Season of the Haunted, however, Austringer is back without a Power Level cap and with a new suite of perks that can make it a top contender among 140rpm Kinetic hand cannons. Whether you’re a veteran looking to relive the glory days or a newcomer trying to understand what the fuss was about, here’s how to get your own Austringer.

How to get Austringer in Destiny 2

Starting in Season of the Haunted, Austringer can drop from the Derelict Leviathan, the new (but also old) Patrol area that was released alongside the season. Though veteran players will be familiar with it, they can also expect a new, macabre overhaul to the area.

The main source from Austringer seems to be from Opulent Chests, which are guaranteed to drop an Opulent (Menagerie) weapon and require Opulent Keys to open. The keys are obtained randomly at the end of Nightmare Containment, even if you don’t spend 500 Vestiges of Dread at the end of the activity. After obtaining your first copy of it, you can also focus it on the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M. if you have the appropriate upgrades.

Perk-wise, Austringer comes with a few perks that shine, including Outlaw and Triple Tap paired with Rampage or Demolitionist, with both Triple Tap and Demolitionist being fairly rare on hand cannons. Crucible players should keep their eyes peeled for Snapshot Sights and possibly Air Assault, depending on playstyle, and try to pair them with Rangefinder or Opening Shot.

The Derelict Leviathan is available for all players even if they didn’t buy Season of the Haunted, which should offer all guardians plenty more to do during the season and for the rest of Year Five and let every player find their Austringer.