Here’s how to fix error code ‘Buffalo’ in Destiny 2

The good (and bad) news is: it's probably not your fault.

Image via Bungie

It’s easy to get caught up in Destiny 2’s activities or just its alluring open world, whether you’re grinding for a god roll or just absorbing the sights in the Dreaming City. Few things will put as much of a damper in a guardian’s plans than error codes, however, and error code Buffalo can be a fairly pervasive issue.

Error Code Buffalo may arise due to issues that aren’t always controlled by the player. Though some error codes can be arcane to navigate (what even is a pluot?), the “Buffalo” error code has a fairly clear cause, which is codified in Bungie’s support page.

Here’s what error code Buffalo means in Destiny 2.

How to fix error code Buffalo in Destiny 2

Issues with error code buffalo are related to problems with a player’s platform, which may not always come due to a situation with their computer or account. “This error appears to players who are not signed in with their platform account, or their platform services are undergoing maintenance,” Bungie’s official page reads.

Additionally, error code Buffalo may also appear if players try to log into multiple PCs at the same time. In that case, Bungie recommends logging out of the platform players don’t intend to use.

If you’re experiencing error code Buffalo, then odds are your platform of choice is struggling with its servers or is undergoing planned maintenance. For instance, Steam famously has a brief downtime on Tuesday nights, and players may be kicked out of their activities or encounter the error code Buffalo because of it.

Checking your platform’s status could reveal underlying issues with your platform that are stopping players from logging in, resulting in Destiny 2 error code Buffalo.