How to find all Eliksni Recording locations for Destiny 2’s Path of the Scribe

Path of the Spli—I mean, Scribe.

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer made the Guardians side with the Eliksni and they have a message or two for the people of the Last City. Mithrax’s child Eido, the Scribe of House Light, has left a few audio logs for the Guardians to find. Finding all the recordings completes the Path of the Scribe seasonal challenge (we also thought the “Path of the” challenges were over).

There are nine recordings scattered over the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City, which has its own unique tab in the H.E.L.M. Here’s how to find all of them and complete the Path of the Scribe challenge. (If you’re looking for the story, start with Eido’s telecommunicator.)

Ether Tanks (Ground floor)

From the entrance to the Eliksni quarter, climb onto the ruins and the Ether tanks will be in front of you. In the audio log, Eido reveals that a fully grown Eliksni is the size of a Captain if they have access to enough Ether, but getting their hands on the substance isn’t easy.

Saint-14 Grafitti (Ground floor)

This recording is on a wall to the left of the Ether tanks. Eido mentions a ward that hatchlings use to keep them safe from Guardians, but the memento becomes a harsh reminder once you notice that the “ward” is really just a depiction of Saint-14.

Telecommunicator (Ground floor)

Take a right up the stairs from the Saint graffiti to find a communication device sitting on a crate. The gadget contains Eido’s official introduction as the Scribe of House Light. Mithrax named his child after the Awoken warrior, Sjur Eido, whom the Eliksni met years before.

Shrine to the Traveler (Ground floor)

Just follow the path from Eido’s communicator to find an Eliksni shrine to the Traveler—and another scannable for the count.

Brig (Outside)

The (seemingly decommissioned) Brig is just outside the Eliksni camp, a bit to the left from the spawn point. If you’re lost, backtrack to the Saint graffiti, then make a left past a ship (which happens to be another scannable).

Eliksni Ship (Outside)

The ship is just opposite of the Brig and close to the Saint-14 graffitti on the wall.

Updated House Light Banner (Ground floor)

The banner shows the new House of Light symbol, updated to reflect that the house is under the Traveler once more. Eido’s recording shows a prospect of hope for relations between the Eliksni and the Guardians.

Shank (top floor)

After getting all the recordings on the first floor, jump up the ruins or take the long way around to reach the top floor. The shank sits on a table on the left side.

Ghost (top floor)

This recording is a Ghost that’s on top of a crate. If you need a reference, it’s located approximately above the shrine to the Traveler.

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