How to farm Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2

Here's how to get those red borders on your weapons.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2s weapon crafting system brings players the choice to tailor their weapon specifically to their preferences, from perk choice to archetype. The system isn’t entirely simple, though, since it requires you to extract a series of resources and even a weapon’s Pattern if you intend to craft it—and that’s before leveling up your guns.

The main way to get crafting resources in Destiny 2 is through Deepsight Resonance weapons, which drop randomly from suitable sources. Each of these weapons has a chance of coming with Deepsight Resonance, which lets players obtain a series of materials and, eventually, a weapon’s Pattern, which will allow a guardian to craft a copy of that weapon.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific source for Deepsight Resonance weapons in Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean they’re not farmable. The type of activity will determine the drops you get. So if you’re in Savathûn’s Throne World, for instance, you can get weapons from the Throne World loot pool with Deepsight Resonance.

This also means that there is no one hard-and-fast way to farm Deepsight Resonance weapons. If players are looking for some Deepsight Resonance weapons regardless of source, then any activity that gives out a good amount of legendaries will work.

Playlist activities may be your best bet for this. Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Ops can all yield world drop Legendaries and weapons from their specific pool, especially with the corresponding Prosperity mods on your Ghost. Dares of Eternity may also yield good results. Likely, raid weapons can also drop with Deepsight, even non-craftable ones from older raids. This means running a quick Vault of Glass, for instance, could net you a few red weapons if you’re lucky.

One of the simplest ways to obtain Deepsight Resonance guns from the Throne World loot pool is by solving Deepsight puzzles in Destiny 2‘s latest area. These are fairly easy to find throughout the zone, and each one will award you with a Legendary drop from the area loot pool, which has a chance of dropping with Deepsight Resonance. Here’s one example of a possible loot route, courtesy of a user in the DestinyTheGame subreddit.

Rank-up rewards from Fynch may also give you Deepsight Resonance weapons from both the Throne World and the world drop loot pool, depending on your luck and how many pieces you’ve acquired, which may also offer you a few red-border weapons.

Additionally, players can earn Deepsight Resonance weapons from their level-up rewards with vendors such as Banshee-44, The Drifter, Lord Shaxx, and Commander Zavala. Bungie removing Gunsmith Materials in The Witch Queen, which means players can’t spend thousands of them for Legendary drops anymore, but you may still luck into Deepsight Resonance weapons that way.

Season of the Risen’s PsiOps Battlegrounds can also work since each mission will allow you to get two rewards (assuming you spend the 500 Psychogenic Intel to open the Runic Chest at the end of the mission). Weapons from the seasonal pool may also come with Deepsight Resonance and let you eventually unlock their patterns. If you have the corresponding War Table upgrades, you can decode an Umbral Engram into a guaranteed Deepsight weapon each week. The same goes for the chest at the end of Vow of the Disciple, which guarantees you a red-border weapon for your first time spending Spoils of Conquest that week.