How to deliver cookies during Destiny 2’s The Dawning event

Here's how you can give cookies to the whole gang.

Image via Bungie

If you’re less about shooting and more about cooking, then Destiny 2‘s Dawning event may have a special place in your heart. The event has players deliver cookies to several NPCs to spread the Dawning cheer, and guardians can spread the spirit to a wide range of characters—from Petra Venj to Riven of a Thousand Voices.

Each NPC has their own favorite cookie, and will only accept that specific delicacy. Of course, different treats have different ingredients and players have to gather those by taking down foes in specific manners. After getting the necessary ingredients, all it takes is some Dawning Essence and the cookies will be ready to deliver.

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Handing in those cookies is an easy endeavor in nearly all cases. You just need to interact with the vendor to deliver it and get a gift in return, which can contain Dawning weapons or items. In 2021, players can also spend Dawning Spirit to focus their gifts into specific rewards, provided they meet the prerequisites.

This year, players don’t have to deliver gifts to Riven, which means they’re spared having to go to the Last Wish raid just to hand in cookies to one of the bosses in the game. They can also gift cookies to Mara Sov while she’s is the H.E.L.M. and send cookies to Ada-1, who wasn’t around last Dawning.

Here’s a list of all the NPCs you can hand cookies to and their respective locations. With the exception of Riven, they are all marked on your map.

  • Commander Zavala (Gjallardoodles): Tower Courtyard
  • Ikora Rey (Traveler Donut Holes): Tower Bazaar
  • Amanda Holliday (Chocolate Ship Cookies): Tower Hangar
  • Banshee-44 (Telemetry Tapioca): Tower Courtyard
  • Suraya Hawthorne (Eliksni Birdseed): Tower Bazaar, on top of a ledge alongside her hawk.
  • Devrim Kay (Gentleman’s Shortbread): EDZ, on a sniper’s nest on top of the church in Trostland.
  • Eris Morn (Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies): Sanctuary, The Moon, right by the first landing zone.
  • Failsafe (Infinite Forest Cake): Nessus, inside the Exodus Black (the ship that gave the area its name)
  • Lord Shaxx (Vanilla Blades): Tower Courtyard
  • Drifter (Dark Chocolate Motes): Tower Hangar
  • Tess Everis (Bright-Dusted Snowballs): Tower Courtyard
  • Petra Venj (Ill-Fortune Cookies): The Dreaming City. Her location rotates between Divalian Mists, Rheasilvia, and The Strand depending on the curse week, so check your map.
  • Xûr (Strange Cookies): Xûr’s Treasure Hoard, Eternity. Now that he has his own spot in Eternity, players can give him cookies at any time.
  • Saint-14 (Lavender Ribbon Cookies): Tower Hangar, behind Amanda Holliday.
  • Eva Levante (Classic Butter Cookies): Tower Courtyard.
  • Variks (Etheric Coldsnaps): Charon’s Crossing, Europa.
  • Shaw Han (Blueberry Crumblers): Cosmodrome, right outside the landing zone on The Steppes.
  • Crow (Bittersweet Biscotti): This time, he’s not in The Spider’s place. Find him at the H.E.L.M.
  • Mara Sov (Ascendant Apple Tart): Inside the Awoken wing of the H.E.L.M. Go through the portal to find her.
  • Elsie Bray/The Exo Stranger (Timeless Starwort Thins): Beyond, Europa.
  • Ada-1 (Hot Crossfire Buns): Tower Annex, close to the Drifter.