How to complete the ‘Wait for It’ Challenge in Destiny 2

But don't wait too long.

Image via Bungie

The challenges in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass can sometimes push a fireteam dangerously close to failure, but arguably none of them will thread that line as much as the “Wait for It” challenge in the Confluxes encounter.

To finish this objective, players must kill the Wyverns while they’re sacrificing to the Confluxes. It’s hard to miss a colossal Vex bowing in front of a plate with ominous red lights flashing, but taking the enemy out in time can be tricky.

How to complete the “Wait for It” challenge

Bagging this Triumph means players must take out each Wyvern while it’s sacrificing to the Conflux. Guardians can and should chip down at their health (within reason) while the large Vex move toward their goal. But stay away from Anarchy shots or Rocket Launchers with Lasting Impression, just in case the damage kills them before they reach their goal.

High-damage Supers such as Nova Bomb, Chaos Reach, and Thundercrash are a reliable way to guarantee a kill since those will delete the Wyvern straight away in the normal version of the raid. Hunters can use Golden Gun, but the crit spots on Wyverns are very finicky.

Players who are feeling adventurous can get both the Wait for It and the Dragon’s Den challenge in the same run if they exclusively use Supers to destroy the Wyverns. To get that, masterworked weapons with Thresh or even Bad Juju can greatly help Super regeneration.

Regardless of your method of choice for dealing with Wyverns, don’t forget to pack something with Overload. Several Champions will appear throughout the encounter and taking them out quickly leaves enough breathing room to deal with the rest of the swarming adds.