How to complete the ‘Strangers in Time’ Challenge in Destiny 2

It takes a lot of communication and even more firepower.

Image via Bungie

The Gatekeepers encounter in Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass has players defeat Wyverns and Praetorians to advance to the final boss. To get the “Strangers in Time” challenge, however, players have to defeat both at the same time.

Getting the challenge isn’t as tricky as it sounds, though. It requires a good deal of communication, a fair bit of firepower, and some patience.

How to complete the “Strangers in Time” challenge

To finish this challenge, guardians must take out the Praetorian (the Vex with the nearly impenetrable shield) and the Wyvern at the same time. There’s a small window of leniency, so players don’t have to be in perfect synchrony, but guardians shouldn’t rely on the game’s generosity.

The encounter will run as normal for the most part. Instead of rushing to the Praetorian, however, the Relic holder and the guardian on the other portal must both be in position before they attack their targets. Using voice comms makes the process easier, but players can likely coordinate with text chat. Just make sure everyone on the fireteam can read it before trying this.

The shield-bearer has the easy part of the job: They just need to bash a very squishy Vex and drop the Relic. Defeating the Wyvern, however, can be much trickier.

Guardians can weaken Wyverns with special ammo or even a heavy Grenade Launcher if they want, but the most surefire way to take out one of the Vex is with Supers. Nova Bomb and Thundercrash (with Cuirass of the Falling Star) will take down the Wyvern instantly, which makes them prime tools for the job.

Players should refrain from using weapons such as Anarchy or even Witherhoard because the damage over time can kill the Wyvern and cause you to fail the challenge. Players will often have enough time to charge their Supers back or even just have to kill one Wyvern, so there may not be any need to resort to guns. Regardless, don’t forget to pack Overloads for when you inevitably have to be outside of the portal.

The challenge ends after the Conflux in the middle appears since Praetorians and Wyverns won’t spawn at the same time anymore. Players will only receive the triumph once the encounter ends, though.