How to complete the Report: RELIC-DATA quest in Destiny 2

Better have some crafting materials handy.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s investigation board will give players a series of quests to get weapons, and they can get their hands on some Throne World drops for their trouble. Though some of these quests can be straightforward, Report: RELIC-DATA will have players hunting down some Patterns for Throne World weapons, which can be complicated enough on its own.

For Report: RELIC-DATA, players will have to seek out specific guns from Throne World and some weapons exclusive to the Wellspring activity, which are available after finishing The Witch Queen‘s Campaign. Here’s what you need to know.

How to complete Report: RELIC-DATA in Destiny 2

The first part of the quest will task players with crafting three Throne World weapons: Empyrical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring. These three are available through activities that reward Throne World gear, including some Enclave investigations, Heroic Patrols, and Fynch sidequests. Finding their Patterns is a matter of luck, though. Keep in mind that Fynch’s rank-up rewards can give you any weapon you’ve already unlocked as well.

For the next step, players will have to craft Come to Pass and Tarnation. These two weapons drop from the Wellspring activity when they’re the daily reward, so check back often. Once those weapons are the reward, you’ll need to play the activity until you get a drop with Deepsight Resonance, indicated by the red border around it.

After you’ve crafted both Tarnation and Come to Pass, you’ll need to reshape an existing weapon with an improved trait. This involves spending some hard-earned Ascendant Alloy, the rarest crafting resource in the game. Visit Master Rahool if you need to stock up, though these cost a fair amount of Legendary Shards. You can buy one from him every week, and if you’re in need of more, you can farm them in weekly campaign missions or in Master Wellspring. Reshaping a weapon with an improved intrinsic trait will also eat through a chunk of your materials, especially through 2,000 Neutral Element, so be sure to have some of them stocked up as well.

Reshaping a weapon with the enhanced intrinsic is the last step on the quest, so return to the Evidence Board in the Enclave to get your rewards. If this was the last quest missing for Report: REVERSE-LURE, you’ll also receive a Pattern for an Exotic glaive based on your class. Patterns for the other classes drop randomly from Wellspring completions.