How to complete the ‘Out of Its Way’ challenge in Destiny 2

Bring your biggest guns to the Templar fight.

Image via Bungie

To get the Tempered Teleport Triumph, Destiny 2 players must complete the Templar encounter without blocking its teleport at all. The “Out of Its Way” challenge is the opposite: Guardians must destroy the Templar without letting it switch places.

The challenge can seem daunting in theory, but it’s one of the simplest objectives to do in a raid. With enough damage and a competent shield holder, the whole fight can be done in under a minute.

Here are some tips on how to cross that one off your list.

How to complete “Out of Its Way”

As long as the players are blocking the Templar’s teleport, this challenge should be fairly uneventful and doesn’t vary much from how an experienced team normally runs it. The encounter will start as normal, with three Oracles singing their refrain. Shooting them in order will trigger a damage phase.

The relic bearer must use their Super to break down the boss’ shield and make it vulnerable. From then on, it’s a matter of dealing continuous damage and blocking its teleport attempts.

The boss will attempt to teleport to four different spots throughout the fight, marked by a red circle. One of them is on the ledge to the right of the boss. Another one is on the left side, on a platform close to where the Oracles spawn. The two trickiest to spot are on the furthest side of the arena, close to the edge of the map. Stopping the teleport consists of standing in the circle until it turns white.

To complete the challenge, one player (preferably the relic holder) will continue to block the teleport for as long as necessary while the rest of the team unleash their shots and Supers against the boss. Having a Well of Radiance vastly helps with survivability and makes for a handy buff to welcome damage. The challenge ends after the Templar dies without being teleported—and in the hands of a skilled fireteam, the entire process can be over in under a minute.

In the event that the damage output isn’t enough, the Templar will summon another round of Oracles. At that point, it’s a gamble. Players don’t have to shoot the Oracles, but they’ll all be marked for negation if they don’t defeat the Templar before the sequence ends.

Damage and gear suggestions

One of the most common tactics is standing on the ledge on the left side of the room (relative to the spawn point), nearly in front of the Templar. The close proximity is enough for players to use the infamous Anarchy and double slug shotgun combos, capable of dealing significant damage. Any high-damaging weapon, however, will do the trick if used properly.

Deathbringer, for instance, can do great damage to the Templar with its catalyst equipped, particularly since the boss stands still. Xenophage is also a valid alternative. And in the event of no heavy exotics, pairing Izanagi’s Burden with a rocket launcher that sports Lasting Impression is a good idea.

For Supers, classes should bring their big guns. Having one Well of Radiance is recommended to ensure that the team can survive the Templar’s fierce assault. After that’s settled, Warlocks can use Nova Bomb or Chaos Reach, while Titans can Thundercrash into the Templar (with Cuirass of the Falling Star equipped) for big burst damage. Hunters can use Celestial Nighthawk or Star-Eater Scales with bottom tree Golden Gun, especially since they’ll be feeding on Orbs of Power from the rest of the team to bolster their Super damage.