How to complete the Gaze Amaze (Golgoroth) challenge in King’s Fall in Destiny 2

Prepare to be quick on your feet.

Image via Bungie

After defeating the Warpriest, guardians must take down the monstrosity that is Golgoroth in Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid. The fight is similar to its original version in Destiny and requires players to shoot puddles of Light on the ceiling and stand on them to increase their damage to Golgoroth—all while two guardians juggle the attention of Golgoroth between them.

The Gaze Amaze challenge adds another small condition to the Golgoroth fight, and if players complete the challenge, they’ll earn another encounter chest. In the base version of the raid, it just means more loot, but in the Legend version of King’s Fall, players will also get an Adept weapon for their trouble.

Here’s how you can complete the challenge.

How to complete the Gaze Amaze challenge in the Golgoroth encounter in Destiny 2‘s King’s Fall raid

To complete the Gaze Amaze challenge, you’ll need to shuffle around a bit during the Golgoroth fight, though it’s not too much of a departure compared to how the encounter usually goes. For the Gaze Amaze challenge, the Gaze holder should be in the Pool of Reclaimed Light when the other player steals Golgoroth’s Gaze away from them. It’s as simple as that.

For the Gaze Amade challenge, players can have the encounter proceed as normal, but the Gaze Holder should jump into the pools of reclaimed Light shortly before another player steals the Gaze from them. This cycle should continue until the last round, where it doesn’t seem to matter if the Gaze holder sits on the pool.

Image via Bungie

When stepping into the pool, both Gaze holders should keep an eye on their buff interface to see if they have the Pool of Reclaimed Light buff, a telltale sign that they are in position. As long the buff gets stolen while players are in a pool, the challenge shouldn’t fail. Keep an eye on the chat on the left of your screen, though, since the game will warn you if a challenge has failed.

Additionally, Gaze Holders should be on the lookout for the Unstable Light debuff, which may appear as they set foot into the pools. This buff will explode within five seconds of a player obtaining it and will deal damage to anything within its radius—meaning it will kill any nearby squadmates but will also take a chunk out of Golgoroth’s health if it explodes close to the Ogre.

Because of how close this challenge is to the normal version of the encounter, there aren’t many changes or suggestions for gear or loadouts when it comes to the Gaze Amaze challenge. Having Arbalest is always a good idea for Golgoroth since it allows players to steal Golgoroth’s Gaze with a single bullet, which makes it both practical and ammo-efficient. Gaze Holders should also have a fast-firing weapon to shoot out the orbs Golgoroth sends at them, which can be an SMG or a machine gun.