How to complete the Base Information (Caretaker) challenge in Destiny 2’s Vow of the Disciple raid

Take it slow. But not too slow.

Screengrab via Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion brought the Vow of the Disciple raid, a journey through a Pyramid stuck in Savathûn’s Throne World. To get to Rhulk, the Disciple of the Witness, players have to fight their way through the raid—and this means they have to get past the quasi-Abomination known as the Caretaker.

While the Caretaker fight can be tricky in itself, Bungie has added the Base Information challenge to the encounter, which tasks players with a few extra steps but gives them another chest at the end of the fight. Though this challenge can seem complicated, it’s relatively simple as long as you have a stun team that can hold the boss off for a fair bit of time. Here’s how to complete it.

How to complete the Caretaker challenge in Destiny 2

The Caretaker challenge isn’t much of a departure for the add clear and stun teams. The runners, however, have an extra challenge on their hands: They must only grab one symbol at a time across the entire encounter. This means there will be a fair bit of back-and-forth running, memorizing locations, managing the Pervading Darkness debuff, and opening doors.

Each runner grabbing one symbol at a time means shorter, faster runs, but more time spent in the rooms overall and less downtime between runs. This means Pervading Darkness will stack up more quickly and dissolve more slowly. Manage your stacks and don’t be afraid to stand outside the door for a bit if you need to let your stacks wane as long as the Caretaker isn’t too close to the Obelisk.

Since the doors can only be opened from the outside, this means one of the two runners (or one of the other team members outside of the room) should be ready to open doors. The runner who is outside should have more than enough time to shoot the symbol and stand by the door. Since the later floors have more than one door, however, runners should keep an eye on their teammates to spot which way they’ll come from.

The runners should communicate with each other and they can spread out to find symbols. Both can clear one side of the room quickly, for instance, and move on to the other parts, or they can each take one half of the room. This will largely depend on personal preference.

Lastly, if more members of your fireteam are comfortable with the runner role, players can tag in and out throughout the encounter, especially if Pervading Darkness stacks are high. This likely won’t be a part of the regular strategy but can be an edge case in specific circumstances.

Though the runners feel the most impact by doing the challenge, the stun team’s performance can make or break attempts at this challenge. Since the runners could be taking longer than usual, consistently keeping the Caretaker at bay will make it more comfortable for them to go through with the challenge and make the encounter as a whole easier.

If you’re unsure if a runner picked up a second symbol, keep an eye on the left side of your screen to see if the Challenge Failed notification pops up. Though most symbols are fairly straightforward, sometimes two of them will be in close proximity, particularly on the second floor, and a runner could accidentally pick one of them up.

If you’ve finished the encounter without a runner picking up more than one symbol at a time, you’ll receive a second chest after the final stand, which should give you another drop from the encounter’s loot pool.