How to claim the Gift of the Thunder Gods in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder

From the heavens to your armory.

Image via Bungie

Welcome to a new season, Destiny 2 fans. Season of Plunder has arrived and with it comes a whole new gamut of different weapons, gear, and goodies to load up on as you jump into the battle.

For those players who weren’t able to reach the pinnacle cap last season, don’t worry. Bungie has just the tool to help one of your characters to catch up to the max: the Gift of the Thunder Gods. This treasure chest will open up to reveal a plethora of different upgraded gear that should bring you up to the 1,570 cap.

  • Thunderlord Exotic machine gun with built-in overload rounds
  • A category-specific Exotic armor piece
  • A collection of 1,570 energy weapons for all three slots
  • Five 1,570 Dreaming City armor pieces

This collection of loot is perfect for those trying to kick off the new season, but how can a player pick up this sweet loot in the game?

Screengrab via Bungie

How do you acquire the Gift of the Thunder Gods?

To find the chest you seek, players must hold off on starting the new activity at the start of the game and instead jump over to the H.E.L.M. Once you spawn inside, there will be a single, glowing chest filled with coins that can be interacted with. Inside, you’ll be able to swipe up all the goodies to help kickstart your Guardian adventure.