Here are the week 8 challenges in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer

Get ready for a little bit of Trials of Osiris.

Image via Bungie

Players who are looking to get their weekly challenges in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer will have to dive into a series of activities for week eight—from Override and Expunge to Trials of Osiris.

Completing the challenges for the week, however, awards a series of prizes that includes Bright Dust, Decrypted Data, XP, and even a Trials weapon. And that’s not counting the 4,000 Bright Dust at the end of the season if players complete 75 challenges across the board.

Here are the challenges for week eight.

Before the Dawn

  • Speak to the Splicer Servitor and complete Path of the Splicer VIII, and open Corrupted Chests in Expunge

This is one of the easiest challenges of the bunch. If you’ve been keeping up with the enthralling seasonal quest, you’re going to knock the first part out of this as soon as the reset hits. And if you’re farming for armor with high rolls and weapons with double perks, then you’ll be doing a lot of Expunge too—enough to clear this one before the season ends.


  • Complete the Override mission in 15 minutes or less.

To clear this one, players must breeze through the Override mission that’s in rotation. Just bring Breach and Clear, your favorite choice of super, and melt the boss.

Crack and Decrypt III

  • Unlock Conflux Chests by completing Override missions. Decrypt Season of the Splicer Engrams at the Prismatic Recaster.

If you’ve played enough Destiny 2 during Season of the Splicer, then odds are this one will already be crossed off your list. If not, it’s just a matter of completing Override missions and either opening or focusing Umbral Engrams.


  • Defeat Powerful Vex anywhere in the system. Earn bonus progress for defeating them in Override or Expunge.

This challenge requires you to beat a few Powerful Vex enemies, which translates to basically any robot with an orange bar. Strikes, Nightfalls, and the Vault of Glass raid will all get this challenge cleared before the end of the season. But if you’re looking to speedrun it, then Override and Expunge might be a better choice.

Primeval Patina

  • Acquire the Primeval Patina ornament for Null Composure.

The challenge shares a name with the ornament and the quest needed to obtain it. Completing this challenge is a matter of defeating enemies with Fusion Rifles or Solar Weapons in Gambit. And if you haven’t finished it yet, it may take a fair bit of time. A reliable solar primary can be a simpler way to rack up progress due to its ammo economy.

Trial by Firing Squad

  • Win multiple rounds in the Trials of Osiris.

Trials of Osiris is the most competitive PvP activity in Destiny 2, and this week, it’s also part of a challenge. Players must win seven rounds in the hard-fought game mode to complete the Trial by Firing Squad objective.

Since Trials matches end when a team wins five rounds, it’s possible to complete this challenge without winning a single match. The cherry on top of this objective is its rewards: an unspecified Trials weapon.

Trials of Osiris is available every Friday through Tuesday at reset and each week brings its own set of rewards. The Trials weapon that comes as a prize from the challenge, however, will likely be the same for all players regardless of weekly bounties, based on how it was in Season of the Chosen.

Vanguard Vestments

  • Acquire the Vanguard Vestments ornament for Null Composure.

Much like the Primeval Patina, the Vanguard Vestment quest requires players to defeat enemies with Fusion Rifles or Solar Weapons in Strikes. For the people who are just looking to complete the bounty, Legend Nightfalls have no matchmaking so there’s no risk of anyone stealing kills—with the caveat of stronger enemies.