Here are the Trials of Osiris rewards this week in Destiny 2

The Trials are back, all right.

Image via Bungie

Trials of Osiris is one of Destiny 2‘s most hard-fought PvP modes and it comes with the rewards to match. Trials is the only source for several unique weapons and pieces of armor in the game, which rotate every week. The contest starts at 12pm CT every Friday and lasts until the reset on Tuesday.

The prizes are tied to your number of wins, so players can get varying gear based on their performance. There are specific rewards for reaching three, five, and seven wins, as well as a specific weapon for Flawless completions—runs without a single loss on a card. Guardians can also get a shot at the three-win reward by completing the End Game bounty and playing matches. Anything other than that, however, has to be earned in combat.

Trials of Osiris rewards this week in Destiny 2 (May 14 to 18)

  • Three Wins: Shayura’s Wrath (Submachine Gun, Void)
  • Five Wins: Eye of Sol (Sniper Rifle, Kinetic)
  • Seven Wins: Chest Armor
  • Flawless: the Messenger (Adept) (Pulse Rifle, Kinetic)
  • Map: Endless Vale, Nessus

How to get Trials rewards

Trials rewards are available from three different sources: winning matches, handing in Trials Tokens to Saint-14, and the End Game bounty—although the latter will only award the three-win prize for that week.

To get the win rewards, players must get the corresponding number of victories in a card—an item that tracks both wins and defeats. A card becomes broken after three losses and getting a set number of wins in a card before it resets will award a specific reward.

Players get Trials Tokens by winning matches and completing bounties and can hand in 20 of them to roll a random piece of owned gear. This is a tool to search for better rolls and not a way to hoard Trials gear.

It’s also possible to acquire the three-win reward from the End Game bounty, which is completed by playing Trials matches. Wins award 25 percent progress while losses yield 10 percent. Since this bounty is a different source, players can get their three-win reward twice on each character: once through the bounty and again by reaching the necessary number of wins.

How to participate in Trials

Trials are locked behind the Entry Pending quest with Saint-14, which requires a 1260 Power Level, a Legend Valor Rank, and a set number of kills in Elimination. After gaining access to Trials, players will need to purchase a Passage each week. They’ll count as your card and each of them has a specific effect:

  • Passage of Mercy forgives one of your losses.
  • Passage of Ferocity counts your third win as two wins if you don’t have any losses.
  • Passage of Confidence grants you a bonus reward from the Flawless chest.
  • Passage of Wealth lets you earn additional Trials Tokens from participating and winning Trials matches. This Passage unlocks at five wins.
  • Passage of Wisdom grants bonus XP from Trials wins based on how many wins you have. This passage becomes available after seven wins.