Destiny 2’s next season will be called Season of the Risen

And you'll need the help of an ally who's already helped you before. Kind of. Even though we killed her champion.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 is embarking on a narrative journey of epic proportions with the release of its 16th season, Season of the Risen. Bungie officially released the season’s name and a few details about its upcoming plot in a video documentary today.

[The] Witch Queen and Season of the Risen is chapter one in the beginning of the end for the Light and Darkness saga,” project lead Blake Battle said in the video documentary.

Based on the video, the Vanguard will need the help from an ally that has already been a part of last year’s storytelling: Empress Caiatl, who played a prominent role in Season of the Chosen. She will use the Light-suppressing technology the Cabal used in Season of the Chosen—and this time, she and the Vanguard will seemingly attempt to use it against the Lucent Hive.

“We don’t really understand what happened when Savathûn actually was able to take the Light,” assistant game director Robbie Stevens says in the documentary. “So the campaign for Season of the Risen, in many ways, is about that story. Guardians need to stop Savathûn’s advance beyond the Throne World, and Savathûn poses an existential threat to everyone because she basically has an undead army.”

In addition to a seasonal storyline running alongside the bigger narrative in The Witch Queen, players can also expect a new activity and a new set of weapons coming to the game when Season of the Risen launches alongside The Witch Queen on Feb. 22.