Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion takes the game’s popularity to record-breaking heights

Now is the best time to dive in and save the universe.

An image of the neon-soaked city of Neomuna in Lightfall, with high-rise buildings and pink neon lights.
Image via Bungie

Bungie has officially dropped the next step in the ever-evolving story of Destiny 2, and alongside it, tens of thousands of Guardians have returned to explore what the game has in store.

Destiny 2 has officially reached its all-time peak concurrent Steam player count at 301,486 following today’s release of its newest Lightfall expansion, according to Steam Charts. While previous expansion release dates have drawn the curiosity of both former and current players, leading to errors and login queues, Bungie has never had an influx of players within the game like this before—which is likely to only grow throughout the remainder of the day and as the week continues.

Destiny 2‘s most recent expansion released in early 2022, The Witch Queen, very nearly reached this concurrent player count with 289,895 players, retaining a consistent player base before declining rapidly as the year continued. These statistics do not factor in players on other platforms, though.

The Lightfall expansion, though most of its content requires separate purchases from the main free-to-play title, provides all players with new areas to explore, characters to meet, missions to complete, and rewards to earn. Players who do not have access to the expansion will be restricted from clearing the new campaign as it is released over the next several months but can still compete in Public Events and more.

Lightfall brings players to Neptune, a hub of the future coated in neon lights and party vibes, in preparation for the incoming attack of The Witness and his forces, who were heavily involved with the unfolding story of Savathûn in The Witch Queen expansion. On Neptune are new Raids, Strikes, and events that players can indulge in, though some of these activities will not be available to players who do not purchase the expansion.

This launch day also coincides with the start of the Season of Defiance, complete with both a free and premium track of the battle pass where all players can obtain various Legendary and Exotic weapons, Legendary Engrams, Bright Dust, and more. Those who purchase the premium track of the pass will earn additional rewards, including Exotic Engrams and pass-exclusive Ornaments.

Players can become Guardians—or revisit their Guardian status—upon venturing into Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, now available within the free-to-play title for all players with campaign-related content purchasable separately.


Ethan Garcia
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