Destiny 2’s August Prime Gaming loot drop includes 4 different cosmetics

Grab it while it's free.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s newest Prime Gaming loot drop is now live, featuring four different cosmetic items to adorn your Guardian and their loadout with.

The “Fireworks Exotic” bundle is free to claim for any Twitch user and Destiny gamer who’s linked their Prime Gaming account with their Bungie account. It’s a simple process and can be done on the Prime Gaming website with ease.

Image via Prime Gaming

The bundle includes the Exotic “Fireworks” emote that sends your Guardian into a dance around Light-based fireworks, the Exotic “Fast Lane” Ghost shell, Exotic “Vanishing Point” sparrow, and Legendary “Vor Pyl VIII” ship. All of these items are from previous seasons of the game.

Once claimed, the loot can be picked up from Amanda Holliday in the hangar section of the Tower. When you spawn in, just turn left and follow the pathway into the hangar to find Holliday in her booth that she always inhabits.

The Prime Gaming website still lists two more Destiny 2 drops coming, marking a full year of monthly loot for Bungie’s FPS RPG. It’s possible that more could be added in the future if the game continues its partnership with Twitch.

The bundle will be available to claim for the next month before another one hits the website.