Destiny 2 seasons are about to become more expensive in season 21 following Lightfall’s price hike

Tess Everis is getting even more of our money.

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Destiny 2 players will have to spend a little bit more to buy the next seasons during the year of Lightfall—and potentially even more during The Final Shape, Bungie said in a blog post today.

Starting with Season of the Deep (season 21), the season pass will cost 1,200 Silver, as opposed to the current price of 1,000 Silver. This isn’t the first price hike Destiny 2 players have experienced recently: the Lightfall expansion—which launched on Feb. 28 but was available for purchase since Aug. 23, 2022—also boasted a higher price tag compared to its predecessor, The Witch Queen.

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The season pass offers access to at least one seasonal activity, the seasonal storyline, an arsenal of weapons and armor, a new Exotic weapon (unlocked more quickly if you own the pass), and plenty of useful rewards that can be unlocked by playing through it. This includes, for instance, Exotic Engrams, Exotic Ciphers, upgrade materials such as Ascendant Shards, and a full set of armor in the pass itself.

The higher price of 1,200 Silver offers players an extra barrier outside of the monetary amount: Bungie doesn’t sell exactly 1,200 Silver, so guardians will have to add more Silver to their carts if they want the season pass. The $10 option provides players with 1,000 Silver (plus 100 as a bonus), which still leaves them short-handed. The closest option would be buying a 500 Silver for $5, leaving them with a barely usable 400 Silver that will likely carry over to following seasons.

The seasonal Silver bundles are also a possible option, though the new price waters down their value. These provide 1,700 Silver for $15, and they would generally allow players to buy the season pass and one Exotic ornament of their choice. With the price hike, however, guardians will buy the season and only have 500 Silver to spare.

Exotic weapon ornaments usually go for 700 Silver when they’re not on sale, while armor ornaments normally cost 600 of Destiny 2’s premium currency. With the increase in price, players who purchase the seasonal Silver bundle will have to make another transaction if they want to score more ornaments unless Bungie updates the Silver bundle values.

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This price hike follows a cost increase across multiple aspects of Destiny 2. Lightfall was released with a $50 price tag, $10 more than The Witch Queen. Lightfall plus its Annual Pass sells for $100, or 25 percent more than its predecessor did at $80. Collaboration sets in the Eververse store (with Fortnite and Assassin’s Creed) cost $20 instead of the usual $15 for base armor sets, though these might be discounted throughout a season.

The only exemption to the new price hike is in the Lightfall listings. Both the base version of the expansion (which comes with the current season at the time of purchase) and the Annual Pass (with four seasons) will maintain their price listing. Bungie will “be evaluating new approaches to post-launch content in the year of The Final Shape,” the developer wrote in the blog post today.

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