Destiny 2 hotfix raises crafting element caps, fixes Eriana’s Vow bug in Gambit

Bungie tackled two recent pain points in the title.

Image via Bungie

Bungie has raised the cap on crafting elements in a Destiny 2 hotfix today. The patch also fixes a bug causing Eriana’s Vow to one-shot enemies in Gambit, making it a balance-shifting issue that had a tremendous impact in matches.

As part of the hotfix, Bungie has quadrupled the cap on most crafting resources. Resonant Elements—Adroit, Mutable, Ruinous, and Energetic Elements—will be capped at 1,000, instead of 250 like when The Witch Queen launched. Neutral Element will be capped at 10,000, up from 7,500. Next season, however, Bungie will remove the Ruinous Elements completely and keep only the Neutral Element, according to last week’s This Week at Bungie blog post. This includes the upcoming removal of Drowned Alloy, required for crafting Vow of the Disciple weapons.

To touch on another pain point plaguing the community recently, Bungie has also fixed a bug causing weapons to deal more damage in Gambit. Namely, Eriana’s Vow was downing enemies with a single shot, which made the issue pervasive. Bungie hasn’t directly addressed if players who knowingly abused the overtuned weapon will be punished.

Eriana’s Vow was particularly damaging to the Gambit experience since it uses Special ammo and would take enemies down with a single shot to any body part, letting invaders quickly eliminate enemy squads and giving them an edge against their opponents.

Additionally, the hotfix touched on a series of bugs in the Vow of the Disciple raid and other areas from The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen, including a bug that could prevent progress on the seasonal quest if players had a full stack of Psychogenic Intel.

One of the biggest changes might be a fix to a possible bug that could occur during the Rhulk encounter, soft-locking players from finishing the boss encounter if they shuffled debuffs too quickly. Since it’s the last encounter of the raid and usually requires more than one damage phase, players could wipe due to the issue and have to restart the fight.