A glitch in Destiny 2 is breaking the game—and Bungie is banning offenders

Bungie informs players of possible consequences for using the min/max glitch.

Image via Bungie

A glitch in Destiny 2 has been found in which players can give themselves infinite orbs and a number of other advantages that break a good amount of the game’s core content.

This easy-to-perform glitch, called the min/max glitch, is only doable on PC. Bungie, the creator of the game, addressed this glitch over the weekend, saying that it’s working on a fix and until then, players who recreate it will be met with punishments. 

The glitch was first found by a group of players earlier in the year. It went seemingly unnoticed by the general Destiny 2 populace until a player by the name of JB3 decided to upload a YouTube video detailing how to use it. JB3 went behind the group’s back and showcased this glitch against their wishes. 

Another member of the group, ghoustmiller, explained his side of the story on Twitter. Ghoustmiller believes that JB3 brought up this glitch tutorial as a form of revenge for Bungie banning them after using it during a PvP match. “My crew and I are a group of friends who have been testing the limits of this game,” ghoustmiller said. “JB3 used to be a part of our group and we used to be friends with him.” 

This tutorial resulted in the min/max glitch being easily accessible to all players who watch it. Players have to play Destiny 2 in windowed mode on PC while also holding their mouse cursor over the minimize screen icon in the top right corner. For it to work, players have to hold it for at least five seconds, let it go, and repeat the same holding action to start framerate issues that seemingly activate the glitch.

Performing this glitch right before using a Titan’s Bubble or Warlock’s Well of Radiance will spawn a lot of orbs. This glitch also extends countdown timers, allowing for even more exploitation of the game. Players can perform the glitch during the Vault of Glass’ final boss battle, for example, to make Atheon attackable for a longer period of time, giving players the ability to take him down in just one damage phase. That’s not all, though. The glitch can also be performed during PvP matches, according to JB3. 

Shortly after the video’s release, Bungie community manager dmg04 made it clear on Twitter that players who attempt the min/max glitch themselves won’t go unpenalized, saying recreators of the glitch “can be met with escalating restrictions.” 

Dmg04 announced that a fix to the glitch is in the works but won’t be live until the next update. In the meantime, players will encounter a different set of errors when attempting to perform it, according to Dmg04.