Bungie to reissue the rest of Moon and Dreaming City weapons in July update

Finally, a use for your Phantasmal Fragments.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 is reissuing the rest of the weapons from both the Moon and the Dreaming City in an update scheduled for July 6. The guns will drop with a series of new perks in addition to the existing ones.

Weapons on those destinations were sunset across the board when Bungie implemented Infusion Caps in Beyond Light. A fraction of the guns moved back into the pool in Season of the Chosen (four weapons on each site), but Bungie is letting fans get the rest of the guns.

The upcoming update will reintroduce a true arsenal of Moon weapons with new perks. Here’s the (long) list of what will return and the extra perks for each gun.

  • Loud Lullaby (Hand Cannon): Tunnel Vision
  • One Small Step (Shotgun): Trench Barrel
  • Tranquility (Sniper Rifle): Frenzy
  • Arc Logic (Auto Rifle): Heating Up
  • Dream Breaker (Fusion Rifle): Cornered
  • Every Waking Moment (SMG): Killing Wind
  • Love and Death (Grenade Launcher): Chain Reaction
  • A Fine Memorial (Machine Gun): Adrenaline Junkie
  • Night Terror (Sword): One for All

The list of returning Dreaming City weapons is far shorter than the Moon one, with only three weapons coming back. The Tigerspite Auto Rifle will be able to roll Frenzy, the Twilight Oath Sniper will have Vorpal Weapon as a possible perk, and Abide the Return (Sword) will get Thresh in its perk pool.

Reissuing those weapons is an attempt by Bungie to address “a few clear-cut misses” with the Infusion Cap system, also known as “sunsetting.” In Beyond Light, the studio implemented a maximum Power Level to certain weapons, which made a significant share of guns in-game unusable in higher-level content.

The measure drastically reduced the weapon pool. Bungie admitted that the initial weapon pool at the launch of Beyond Light “was just too small.”