A Warlock activating Prismatic in Destiny 2.
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Best Destiny 2 merch and gifts for 2024

Fight the forces of darkness in style, guardian.

Destiny 2 has become a massive phenomenon since its launch in 2017. Including the game’s prequel, guardians have been battling the forces of darkness for over a decade and the Bungie title has left a lasting impression on pop culture.

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As a result, there’s no shortage of Destiny 2 merchandise and gifts. From reading and writing material to models, toys, figurines, and apparel, we’ve picked out some of our favorites for consideration.

Here’s the best Destiny 2 merch to pick up this year.

Destiny 2 toys and models

Numskull Destiny Ghost Shell Statue

A Numbskull Destiny Ghost Statue, white and orange.
Hello Ghost! Image via Amazon

A Guardian is incomplete without their Ghost, and thanks to Numskull, you can own your very own statuette version of your Light-wielding companion. This here is a classic Ghost Shell in a beautiful white and orange, and including its stand, it sits 8.4″ tall. Numskull has produced a variety of different Ghost Shells, but you can’t beat a classic.

Numskull Destiny 2 Beyond Light Servitor Plush

The Destiny 2 Numskull Servitor Plush on a blanket.
Give me your Ether. Image via Amazon

Numskull has also entered the plushie market, and we can’t look past the Fallen Servitor. While it is missing its glowing purple lights and eerie mechanical sound effects, this soft 6.6″ fabric plush ball is a perfect addition to your Destiny 2 collection and adds a little Eliksni flair to any room.

McFarlane Toys Destiny 2 Zavala Collectible Action Figure

The McFarlane Toys 13043-0 Destiny 2 Zavala Collectible Action Figure.
Indeed. Image via Amazon

Pay tribute to one of Destiny‘s longest-running characters with this stunning 6.5″ figure of Zavala. The action figure comes with over 14 points of articulation, Zavala’s trusty Daedalus auto rifle, and is sculpted directly from in-game assets all so you can be sure the real Vanguard Commander stands proudly by as you complete your next Nightfall mission.

Pop! Games: Destiny Cayde-6 Glow in The Dark Funko

The Funko Pop Vinyl Cayde-6 figure.
Our favorite Hunter Vanguard in Funko form. Image via Amazon

What’s Destiny merch without a good Funko Pop! Vinyl? You’d be hard-pressed to find a Destiny fan who doesn’t like Cayde-6, who appears in the collection complete with a cape and a Solar burst of flame around him. Even better—his eyes glow in the dark, so you know Cayde will always watch over you 24/7.

Destiny 2 clothing and apparel

Destiny 2 Contacting Servers T-Shirt

A Destiny 2 Contacting Servers t-shirt
Which error code will it be this time? Image via Redbubble

This one’s a cheekier pick, but for those who play the long-running Bungie game, you can’t go past the ol’ Contacting Destiny 2 Servers T-shirt. This unisex cotton and polyester crew neck will have you in stitches as you guess which error code will appear next. HONEYDEW? BUFFALO? We haven’t seen a WEASEL or BABOON in a while…

SANYADY Destiny 2 Iron Banner Necklace Pendant

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner logo in a pendant.
Unleash the wolf. Image via Amazon

For the PvP player among your fireteam, this SANYDAY Iron Banner pendant is the perfect gift and works in both casual and formal settings.

The pendant itself features the Iron Banner logo with the twin wolves on either side of the Iron Tree and is made from zinc alloy metal, so it’s designed to last. Paired with a leather rope, this lightweight pendant is the perfect gift for any Young Wolf.

Numskull Destiny 2 Forsaken Cayde-6 Snapback

The Numskull Cayde-6 Snapback cap.
This is my serious hat. Image via Amazon

We can’t forget our Destiny headwear fans, who will be astounded by Numskull’s homage to Cayde-6 with this snapback featuring multiple textures and screen-printed graphics on each side. The cap contains a mix of acrylic, wool, and cotton, and is one-size-fits-most. Honor Cayde and Destiny (and keep your head protected from the sun while you’re at it!).

Palladium Pallashock x Destiny Witch Queen Boot

For the release of Destiny 2‘s Witch Queen expansion, Bungie partnered up with Palladium to create a special Destiny version of the Pallashock boot, and they are magnificent. The Pallashock boot is designed for versatility and is lightweight with a canvas upper and rubber outsole. Be warned: These boots run a little small, so consider a half-size or full-size up for total comfort.

Other Destiny 2 merch

Destiny 2 Your Light Fades Away Notebook Journal

The Your Light Fades Away Destiny 2 notebook journal.
Write about your adventures. Image via Redbubble

Guardians will be all too familiar with this design. For those who wish to keep track of their notes, you can’t beat the Your Light Fades Away pad and journal. From a Queen Mara love letter to keeping track of how many times the Architects claimed you during a raid, this customizable pad will keep all your notes in check. The book is available in two main versions: A spiral notepad and a hardcover journal.

Destiny: The Official Cookbook

The Destiny Official Cookbook.
Please tell me Colonel the Chicken isn’t in here. Image via Amazon

A quintessential part of any merch lineup. The Destiny Official Cookbook is a best-seller and is jam-packed with recipes from all over the Destiny and Destiny 2 universe straight from Eva Levante herself. Fancy a Cayde-6 Spicy Ramen special or a fresh batch of Gjallardoodles? Whip them up yourself with these recipes entrenched in the game’s lore.

Nemesis Now Destiny Gjallarstein Tankard

The Destiny Gjallarstein Tankard.
Easier to get than the real thing! Image via Amazon

Rejoice and celebrate your Destiny 2 victories with the truly massive Nemesis Now Gjallarstein Tankard. At just over 6″ this tankard, inspired by the almighty Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, will have you rehydrated in a jiffy. The tankard is cast in high-quality resin, has a removable insert, and is expertly crafted and painted—you’ll almost think it can fire off a rocket or two!

Destiny: The Exotic Collection, Volume One

The cover of Destiny: The Exotic Collection, Volume One.
Learn more about your favorite Destiny weapons. Image via Amazon

Is your coffee table lacking firepower? The Destiny: The Exotic Collection Volume One art book might just be what you need. This book goes deep into the lore and craftsmanship behind many of Destiny 2‘s Exotic weapons, from the dark beginnings of Thorn to Rasputin’s masterpiece, Sleeper Simulant. Each page contains amazing art of each Exotic weapon as well as a comprehensive guide explaining the arsenal, and you never know, this book might teach you how to use the weapon properly!

Destiny: 15oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Destiny: Hunter 15oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Blue.
Fight forever, guardian. Image via Amazon

Stay hydrated with this 15oz Destiny water bottle, emblazoned with the Hunter seal and in brilliant blue. The bottle is made from stainless steel and has double-wall insulation meaning your warm drinks remain hot and your cold drinks remain ice cool. As a Titan main I don’t see myself picking this one up… oh hang on, there’s one for Titans and Warlocks too!

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