All Skeleton Key Artifact Mods in Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder

Anti-Barrier Sniper is back.

Image via Bungie

Artifact Mods can make or break a season in Destiny 2, as anyone who dearly misses Particle Deconstruction or Breach and Clear can attest. Luckily for players, Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder is bringing a slew of Anti-Champion options, with a series of other Artifact Mods that will set the tone for the season.

Champion Mods are always an important point leading up to seasons since they will dictate which weapons can stun champions for the next three months (or six, in the case of Season of the Lost). And in the build-up to season 18, Bungie has not only released a full breakdown of Arc 3.0, but also given fans an in-depth look at all the Artifact Mods coming in the next season, promising some old favorites that parts of the fan base will consider welcome additions.

The Artifact Mods in Season of Plunder will also lean into the new Arc 3.0 subclasses, improving the new Amplified buff and the now-universal Ionic Traces, which can be used with all Arc subclasses instead of being Warlock-exclusive.

Here are all the Skeleton Key Artifact Mods in Destiny 2‘s season 18.

Anti-Champion Mods in Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder

  • Overload Bows
  • Unstoppable Pulse Rifles
  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles
  • Unstoppable Shotguns
  • Overload LMGs (requires eight mod unlocks)
  • Anti-Barrier Snipers (requires eight mod unlocks)

All Skeleton Key Artifact Mods in Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder

In addition to the Anti-Champion Mods, Bungie is also bringing a few mods to the mix. Some are your usual armor mods with a reduced cost, while others will enhance Arc 3.0 and lean into some origin traits.

  • Thunderous Retort (Class Item): Arc Supers do more damage when cast while in critical condition or while amplified. Requires 10 unlocks.
  • Hype Train Conductor (Class Item): Adds two seconds to the Amplified timer and stacks. Requires 10 unlocks.
  • Trace Evidence (Class Item): Precision hits on Arc-debuffed targets will generate Ionic Traces. Requires 10 unlocks.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice (Class Item): After throwing an Arc grenade, gain increased grenade recharge for a short time. Arc final blows extend this effect. Requires 10 unlocks.
  • Sundering Glare (Class Item): Rapid precision hits against distant combatants weaken them for a short duration. Requires 10 unlocks. (Returning from Season of the Chosen).
  • Bad Amplitude (Class Item): Damaging a Champion with an Arc ability causes it to become jolted. Requires eight unlocks.
  • Inferno Whip (Class Item): Solar melee abilities can stun Unstoppable champions. Requires eight unlocks. (Returning from Season of the Risen)
  • Surge Detonators (Class Item): Arc grenades stun Overload Champions. Requires eight unlocks. (Returning from Season of the Splicer)
  • Combination Arc + Solar Resist Mod (Chest Armor): Requires four unlocks.
  • Focusing Strike (Arms): Causing damage with a melee ability grants class ability energyRequires four unlocks.
  • Bottomless Bounty II (Helmet): Improves two unspecified origin traits. Requires four unlocks.
  • Machine Gun Ammo Scavenger (Legs): Grants increased ammo for machine guns. Requires four unlocks.
  • Glaive Loader (Arms): Improves reload speed for glaives. Requires four unlocks.
  • Scout Rifle Loader: Improves reload speed for scout rifles. Requires two unlocks.
  • Sword Ammo Scavenger (Legs): Sword pickups grant more ammo. Requires two unlocks.
  • Machine Gun Holster (Legs): Slowly reloads stowed machine guns over time. Requires two unlocks.
  • Scout and Sniper Rifle Targeting (Helmet): Improves target acquisition and ADS speed for snipers and scout rifles. Requires two unlocks.
  • Bottomless Bounty I (Helmet): Improves two unspecified origin traits. Requires two unlocks.