Dead by Daylight releases first balancing patch after colossal mid-chapter perk overhaul

The Clown is back and ready for some laughs

Image via Behavior Interactive

Dead by Daylight is arguably the largest live-service horror game that’s ever existed. With 45,000 players on Steam and more on consoles, DBD has spent the last six years growing and providing new scares to its players. The game recently received a large mid-chapter change to 40 perks, and now Behaviour Interactive has put out a new update to add balance to those changes.

According to the blog post shared by Behaviour, this update focused on a variety of different perks and one specific Killer. After seeing how players have reacted to the previous patch, the developer better understands what needs improvement and what is working in the game.

To start, Thanatophobia was adjusted during the Mid-Chapter Update, but now Behaviour feels that this has made the perk oppressive. When used with other perks, it provided a problem for killers who were able to keep multiple survivors injured.

Now, it has been changed so that injuring or hooking each survivor will give up to two percent Survivor action speed penalty, with four hooked survivors giving a 12 percent penalty. This provides the killer with the same strength of perk, but it takes a little more work to get the full penalty.

Mettle of Men has been changed to now activate when the player takes two protection hits, granting the Endurance status effect. While Endurance is active, the killer will be able to see the player’s aura from up to 16 meters away. Performing a conspicuous action will disable the perk and you no longer need to heal to activate it. This change is meant to make it more interesting to mess around with.

Pain Resonance, Merciless Storm, and Dead Man’s Switch received a couple of changes together, due to their combo potential. In short, Pain Resonance’s generator interruption has been restored, but to keep from having an oppressive combo with Dead Man’s Switch, DMS has been reduced up to 30 seconds.

Everyone’s favorite funny guy the Clown will be returning to the game with this update. He had been removed due to a bug that allowed him to retain his haste effect indefinitely. This led to an unfair advantage as he could run around the map at double speed. That bug has been resolved and the Clown will be re-added in 6.1.2.

Tome 12 contains a challenge that asks players to interact with orange glyphs, but apparently, they were causing players to become nauseous. Until Behaviour can retool the visuals, it has replaced the glyph with a new animation.

Lastly, matchmaking incentives have been increased, rewarding players for playing specific roles that are in demand. Unfortunately, while Behaviour has identified the bug, it won’t be fixed until the 6.2.0 Public Test Build. Players can expect matchmaking incentives in the main branch sometime after that as long as everything runs smoothly.

The update is set to release sometime this week.