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How to solve all secret puzzles in Crow Country

Nothing screams retro horror more than secret puzzles.

Crow Country has its fair share of secrets. While the gates to Crow Country close off to the public, the Guests remain locked inside blood-stained walls, left to rot at the effects of the Roots. From Magnum Ammo to Mara upgrades, the secrets aren’t compulsory to find but are highly effective if unlocked.

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Crow Country has 15 secrets you can discover as you explore the abandoned theme park. Secrets are either locked behind multi-step puzzles or tucked away from the unobservant eye. Locating the Map of Secrets (separate to the 15 secrets) gives clear insight on where to find each secret by pinpointing its location on the map. While all secrets lie on the Surface, you aren’t given any extra information outside of the classic “x marks the spot.”

Here’s where to find all 15 secrets and how to solve the Crow Country secret puzzles. Discovering these will give you multiple achievements as each secret is uncovered. Secrets will either give you a unique weapon, an upgrade for said weapon, or precious Magnum Ammo. Let’s get into it.

Where to find all 15 secrets in Crow Country

Mush Room puzzle

The Mushroom King in Crow Country
Follow his story. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unlock the Mush Room by breaking the walking cane that’s keeping the Theatre shut tight. You must enter the Haunted Hilltop using the Bronze Key, complete the Haunted Manor and enter the Staff Hallway, to circle around to the Theatre. Once done, head to the giant mushroom head that is now open. Go inside and complete the mushroom puzzle by consuming all six mushrooms on the dining table.

Dig Site secret

Mara standing in front of the chain pulling machine, where the bucket with the secret is beside it
Check the bucket beside this machine. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need the Bronze Key by completing the Fairy Pond puzzle at the start of the game. Input the code 3184 to the Tree Lady, head inside to the pond area and turn the valve six times to pull the lever on the pressure gauge behind the curtain. Shoot the target under the water for the Tree Lady to emerge from the pond. Pick up the Bronze Key and use it on the little house mailbox. Go into the Dig Site and investigate the bucket next to the stationary machinery that requires a Chain to operate.

Train Room puzzle

The Orion's Odyssey code B D A C
Use your deductive skills to work out the code. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Train Room requires the Bronze Key and Data Disk to complete it. You need to solve the train puzzle by inputting the code B-D-A-C into the computer in the back with the Data Disk. This is a late-game item and you will likely find more secrets before uncovering this one.

Witchwood secret

Finding the Magnum Ammo in a dead end, facing the maze entrance
Tucked away in the corner of your vision. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need the Woeful Mask to unlock Witchwood. The Woeful Mask resides in the drilled hole of the Dig Site. You need the Chain by solving the Swan Boat puzzle and the Crank Handle by opening the Utility Corridor safe behind the Haunted Manor. Finally, you need Gasoline (floor loot), normally found inside tall wooden crates.

Once you have the mask, use it to unlock Witchwood. Go inside and head to the left. The Magnum Ammo is in the second row of the maze, on the left-hand side, tucked away in a dead-end.

Dungeon secret

Keep the door shut to reach the Magnum Ammo
Just beyond the iron maiden. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Dungeon secret is just beyond the iron maiden. Go into it and interact with the button to get to the other side. Go to the locked door and look to the right for the pigeon hole in the wall. The Magnum Ammo is here.

Haunted Hilltop secret

Mara tugging on the doorbell at the Haunted Hilltop Manor eight times
Eighth times the charm, apparently. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After unlocking the Haunted Manor by pulling the string on the doorbell five times, do the same again, but this time you want to ring the bell eight times. The window to the left will open out to show a small alcove. The Magnum Ammo is attached to the back of the fake glass.

Haunted Manor secret

Inputting CAGE on the Haunted Manor piano
There’s only so many four-letter words you can try. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Go into the Haunted Manor and input “CAGE” into the piano. Go to the opposite side of the Manor, behind Dracula resting in his coffin, and interact with the small mushroom. You must have the Flamethrower to get this upgrade.

Ocean Kingdom Storage puzzle

Reading the Narrator's facts about the Octopus to get its weight for the scale puzzle
Uncover more than just monsters while you play. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need the Flamethrower to burn away the Ocean Kingdom Storage wooden door. Head to the submarine and shoot the Octopus once (make sure your score is reset beforehand). Go to the right and interact with the image of the octopus to learn this species weight. Return to the Storage room and input the code 1825 into the scales where an octopus sits atop it. Be mindful of the creature that pops out of the hole in the floor if you get too close to it.

Ocean Kingdom Storage secret

Talk to the mushroom inside Ocean Kingdom's Storage
Yes please. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Go to the left of the Storage room, keeping back from the hole in the floor to avoid the creature lurking underneath. Speak to the little mushroom to get the Magnum upgrade. It’s best to wait until you pick up the Magnum inside the Gift Shop before interacting with the mushroom so you don’t take too long location every secret.

Gift Shop puzzle

Getting the Magnum from the Gift Shop cash register
Decent price of three toys honestly. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need the Silver Key to access this room inside the Crow Country sector. The task is to find all toys corresponding to the note behind the counter and calculate the total amount these three items come to. These are as follows:

  • Haunted Hilltop stuffed toy: $5.50
  • Classic Crow Country rubber doll: $10
  • Fairytale Town action figure: $4.25

Input the final price of $19.75 (translated to 1975) into the cash register to obtain the .44 Magnum.

Gift Shop secret

Mara talking to the small mushroom inside the cabinet beside the Gift Shop cash register
This little guy is everywhere. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Open the glass cabinet next to the cash register (behind the counter) and interact with the small mushroom to get the Shotgun upgrade.

Staff Parking secret

Obtaining the Running Shoes from Crow's trunk using the Silver Key
Gotta go fast. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need to use the Silver Key on Edward Crow’s car in the Staff Parking. Open the gift for Natalie’s 17th birthday to receive the Running Shoes that Mara can equip immediately.

Staff Hallway secret

Mara inspecting the robot crow inside the walls of the Staff Hallway for the Magnum Laser
I walked past this too many times until the monster helped me out. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Head to the small section in between the Staff Hallway and Fairy Pond. Interact with the panel in the wall that is ever so slightly a different color to the rest of the wallpaper. If the creature of the Staff Hallway is alive, he’ll leave a clear sign of a triangle with an exclamation point inside, crafted out of blood (we’re not sure where he gets all the blood from, but we don’t want to know). Inspect the animatronic crow and get as close as possible until Mara picks up the Magnum Laser.

The Crypt secret

Finding the First Aid book from Orphelia's coffin in The Crypt
An easy one to miss. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Go back to the Dungeon and use the Data Disk on the computer. The goal is to open the gate guarding Orphelia’s resting place inside The Crypt. Enter 2-2-1-2 into the Prisoner disk and run back into The Crypt to open Orphelia’s coffin. Keep interacting with it until Mara opens the drawing underneath to gather the Upgraded Medkit.

Toilet puzzle

Using the Acid Bottle on the second stall inside the Toilet for the Magnum Ammo
The ultimate drain unblocker. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The final secret is found at the beginning of the game, but cannot be completed until much later on. You need the Acid Bottle by obtaining the Data Disk from the Arcade puzzle, and completing the Dungeon puzzle. Fill the bottle in the Underground and use it inside the second stall of the Toilet. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get the scores 1-2-4-8 on the corresponding Arcade games (in order): Mermaid, Dolphin, Boat, and Shark.
  2. Insert the Data Disk into the Dungeon computer and input 0-2-1-2 (Mermaid cell) to obtain the Acid Bottle.
  3. Go to the Underground Root Friday room and use the Acid Bottle on the faucet to fill it.
  4. Return to the Toilet and pour the Acid Bottle into the second toilet bowl to dissolve the pile of bones.

How to get the Map of Secrets in Crow Country

Order the drinks on the Neptune Palace machine based on the fruit toys in the restaurant
The secret secret puzzle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

While the Map of Secrets doesn’t count as one of Crow Country‘s 15 secrets, the treasure map is rewarded upon completing the Neptune’s Palace soda machine puzzle. This puzzle is optional. It can be completed as soon as you enter Neptune’s Palace inside Ocean Kingdom.

You need to fill the empty cup in a particular order, with all four of the soda drinks (each drink is separated by color). The order of the drinks corresponds to the tower of fruit toys on the opposite side of the restaurant. The drink order is as follows: purple, green, yellow, and red.

You will get the code: 8891 to use on the Lounge cabinet. Head to Crow’s Lounge (the first safehouse in the game) and input the code in the cabinet to the right of the couch. You can filter the secrets on and off now that you have the Map of Secrets. The secrets filter shows the position of all 15 secrets. Any discovered secrets show a tick mark, while undiscovered secrets are a cross until you pick the item up.

Crow Country secret locations summarized

OneMush RoomComplete the mushroom puzzle.Handgun upgrade
TwoDig SiteInspect the bucket beside the machinery that requires the Chain to function.Shotgun laser
ThreeTrain RoomComplete the train puzzle.Flamethrower
FourWitch WoodLocate the Magnum Ammo on the left side of the maze.Magnum Ammo
FiveBetween the Dungeon and Staff HallwayIn the pigeon hole next to the locked door.Magnum Ammo
SixHaunted ManorRing the Haunted Manor bell eight times.Magnum Ammo
SevenHaunted ManorEnter CAGE into the piano and talk to the small mushroom behind Dracula.Flamethrower upgrade
EightOcean Kingdom StorageTalk to the small mushroom on the shelving unit to the left.Gold-plated Magnum upgrade
NineOcean Kingdom StorageEnter 1825 into the scales.Magnum ammo
10Gift ShopInput 1975 into the cash register..44 Magnum
11Gift ShopOpen the glass cabinet next to cash register and talk to the small mushroom.Shotgun upgrade
12Staff ParkingOpen Crow’s car trunk with the Silver Key.Running Shoes
13Between Staff Hallway and Fairy PondInteract with the discolored panel in the wall and look closely at the animatronic crow.Magnum laser
14The CryptInput the code 2-2-1-2 into the Dungeon computer with the Data Disk and open Orphelia’s coffin inside The Crypt.Advanced Medkit
15ToiletUse the Acid Bottle on the pile of bones in the second stall.Magnum Ammo
Question markNeptune’s PalaceOrder the soda drinks by purple, green, yellow, and red. Input 8891 into cabinet next to Crow’s Lounge couch.Map of Secrets

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