When does CS:GO’s Operation Riptide end?

You'll have months to enjoy it.

Image via Valve

Operation Riptide hit CS:GO live servers last night, following a long period of meaningful updates. It includes gameplay changes, a whole bunch of new skins, map changes, and the addition of free-for-all and team modes in deathmatch lobbies.

Week after week, players will receive a new mission card featuring several missions to complete and receive Operation stars when they’re done. Operation stars serve to unlock Operation Riptide’s rewards, which include new Agents, new skins, the Operation’s skin case, and stickers.

Operation Riptide is the 11th operation in the history of CS:GO, and is the second Valve added this year. The average playerbase of Counter-Strike has been declining throughout the year, according to SteamCharts, and adding a new operation has historically been a great way to increase the number of players.

The Operation’s battle pass costs $14.99 and offers unique rewards and the Operation Riptide coin, which can be upgraded from bronze to diamond via missions. The higher your Operation Riptide coin is, the better your rewards will be.

If you’re looking to play the Operation Riptide, be aware that Valve made some meaningful gameplay changes. The devs buffed M4A1-S’s body shot damage and nerfed the Desert Eagle’s body shot damage, reduced the price of the Dualies to $300, and changed the grenades so they can be dropped like weapons and the C4.

When does Operation Riptide ends?

Operation Riptide will be in CS:GO until Feb. 20, 2022, so there’s plenty of time to complete its missions.