What is next for team Gamers2?

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Gamers2.Kinguin recently dropped the fan favorite player, Adil “ScreaM” Benriltom, from their all-star lineup. Many criticize this decision on ScreaM’s part, but one can not deny that ScreaM’s English certainly wasn’t on the same level as the Swedish, the Norwegian, or the Portuguese players, Dennis, Rain, Fox, and Maikalele. According to the Belgium superstar this caused Communication problems and made the game less fun to play. Understandable that he went back to a all-french team. But where does this leave Gamers2?

Who should they pick up?

 Looking for good players is hard nowadays due to the fact that there are so many CS teams and good players are in high demand. Looking at G2.Kinguin’s current “Headshot Machine” lineup, a good aim-er would probably fit in the best, as well as  a good team player. We will look at players that may be leaving teams soon, Open players, and teams with expiring contracts.

Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, the Swedish NiP all star has a soon-expiring contract. He is not known as a particularly good aim-er, but his recent performance as a stand-in for the team got them very close games with TSM, the #2 Team in the world according to Thorin. Though it is not likely he would leave team NiP.

Mihail “Dosia” Stolyarov, the former Astana Dragons player, recently left his team,  Hellraisers. He hasn’t had any good showings recently, but if he can return to form, it could be a very logical pickup for the team.

Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg, the former 1.6 superstar, along with GeT_RiGhT might be leaving NiP as well due to poor performances, though this is unlikely and unconfirmed. He had very good showings at the major, ESL Cologne 2015 and has been a star player for NiP recently.

Should someone else be kicked?

After this “shuffle” more roster changes may be in order for Gamers2. Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, the Portuguese player, has shown poor performances overall during his time on Gamers2/Kinguin. He has been arguably the worst player on the team. If G2 were to drop Fox, and bring in both GeT_RiGhT and f0rest, It could mean good things for this team overall, it would mean that it would be 4 Swedes and a Norwegian, which would cause less communication problems overall. If this is applied this team could go on to be top 10 in the world. All of these players can be the best in the world given time.

Will strategy be a problem?

With the proposed lineup not being a very tactically gifted lineup, they may want to have a coach also be an “Out-Of-Game Leader” similar to how G2 (ex-Kinguin) Did with Legija. If they were to do this, they may want to get a player such as Sean “[email protected]” Gares. This would be a step up in Sean’s career, as he is not the most skilled player in NA. However his strategy could be very useful on a team like Gamers2. Adding to this he is a native English speaker. This is a language most Northern Europeans understand very well, and is also the one currently spoken inside of Gamers2’s current roster. This is just theoretical, but this could be a very good team given time.

      Proposed G2

  • Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund – Lurk
  • Patrick “f0rest” Linberg – All-Arounder
  • Dennis “Dennis” Edman – Rifler
  • Mikail “Maikalele” Bill – AWPer
  • Havard “Rain” Nygaard – Entry Fragger