WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals: Day 3 Recap

Today’s WESG 2016 Europe & CIS Regional Finals day three matches have concluded.

Today’s WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals day three matches have concluded. Here are the results of today’s bracket play, which is being played in a best-of-three format.

Virtus.pro vs. Team EnVyUs

de_cbble: Team EnVyUs 16-14 Virtus.pro

de_nuke: Virtus.pro 16-12 Team EnVyUs

de_mirage: Virtus.pro 16-12 Team EnVyUs

Virtus.pro wins 2-1 

Team Russia vs. Team Ukraine

de_overpass: Team Russia 16-5 Team Ukraine

de_mirage: Team Russia 16-9 Team Ukraine

Team Russia wins 2-0

Team Ukraine vs. dd

de_cbble: dd 16-11 Team Ukraine

de_overpass: Team Ukraine 19-16 dd

de_nuke: Team Ukraine 16-13 dd

Team Ukraine wins 2-1 

Virtus.pro vs. Epsilon eSports

de_mirage: Virtus.pro 16-14 Epsilon eSports

de_train: Virtus.pro 19-15 Epsilon eSports

Virtus.pro wins 2-0 

Kinguin vs. iGame.com

de_cbble: Kinguin 16-12 iGame.com

de_train: iGame.com 16-12 Kinguin

de_cache: Kinguin 16-7 iGame.com

Kinguin wins 2-1 

Team Dignitas vs. GODSENT

de_mirage: Team Dignitas 16-10 GODSENT

de_cbble: Team Dignitas 16-3 GODSENT

Team Dignitas wins 2-0 

GODSENT vs. Astralis

de_dust2: Astralis 16-5 GODSENT

de_mirage: GODSENT 16-14 Astralis

de_train: GODSENT 16-14 Astralis

GODSENT wins 2-1

iGame.com vs. Team Norway

de_cache: Team Norway 16-10 iGame.com

de_dust2: iGame.com 16-9 Team Norway

de_train: iGame.com 16-8 Team Norway

iGame.com wins 2-1

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