9 October 2016 - 01:01

WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals: Day 3 Recap

Today’s WESG 2016 Europe & CIS Regional Finals day three matches have concluded.
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Today’s WESG 2016 Europe and CIS Regional Finals day three matches have concluded. Here are the results of today’s bracket play, which is being played in a best-of-three format.

Virtus.pro vs. Team EnVyUs

de_cbble: Team EnVyUs 16-14 Virtus.pro

de_nuke: Virtus.pro 16-12 Team EnVyUs

de_mirage: Virtus.pro 16-12 Team EnVyUs

Virtus.pro wins 2-1 

Team Russia vs. Team Ukraine

de_overpass: Team Russia 16-5 Team Ukraine

de_mirage: Team Russia 16-9 Team Ukraine

Team Russia wins 2-0

Team Ukraine vs. dd

de_cbble: dd 16-11 Team Ukraine

de_overpass: Team Ukraine 19-16 dd

de_nuke: Team Ukraine 16-13 dd

Team Ukraine wins 2-1 

Virtus.pro vs. Epsilon eSports

de_mirage: Virtus.pro 16-14 Epsilon eSports

de_train: Virtus.pro 19-15 Epsilon eSports

Virtus.pro wins 2-0 

Kinguin vs. iGame.com

de_cbble: Kinguin 16-12 iGame.com

de_train: iGame.com 16-12 Kinguin

de_cache: Kinguin 16-7 iGame.com

Kinguin wins 2-1 

Team Dignitas vs. GODSENT

de_mirage: Team Dignitas 16-10 GODSENT

de_cbble: Team Dignitas 16-3 GODSENT

Team Dignitas wins 2-0 

GODSENT vs. Astralis

de_dust2: Astralis 16-5 GODSENT

de_mirage: GODSENT 16-14 Astralis

de_train: GODSENT 16-14 Astralis

GODSENT wins 2-1

iGame.com vs. Team Norway

de_cache: Team Norway 16-10 iGame.com

de_dust2: iGame.com 16-9 Team Norway

de_train: iGame.com 16-8 Team Norway

iGame.com wins 2-1

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