Vitality benches Nivera, returns to 5-man CS:GO roster

Back to five.

Screengrab via Team Vitality

French organization Vitality is going back to its year-old CS:GO roster after benching 19-year-old Nabil “⁠Nivera⁠” Benrlitom, citing a lack of confidence regarding the six-man format.

Vitality announced Nivera’s inactive status today. Nivera, who joined the team in October 2020, helped Vitality secure two titles.

It’s likely that Vitality’s decision comes on the heels of Valve’s update to the Regional Major Ranking (RMR), rather than any deficiency in Nivera’s play. The new RMR format means that teams are penalized if they change out a player during an event, even with a designated substitute.

“Nabil showed great talent and potential during his time with us, and the door isn’t closed to a comeback in the future if things were to change,” Vitality said. “We stay firmly convinced that a six-man roster is the best way to help the CS:GO competitive scene grow even bigger.”

Nivera’s own statement indicates that “recent announcements” have played a part in Vitality’s decision. The 19-year-old wrote that he continues to learn a lot with his teammates, even as an inactive player, and is “motivated and open to a loan or a transfer.”