Virtus Pro spoil the debut of Cloud9’s new CS:GO team at Flashpoint

The "Colossus" has fallen.

Image via Flashpoint

Cloud9’s new CS:GO team played their first official round to perfection today with a great retake, cohesion, and even a knife kill for the team’s captain, ALEX. That pistol round on Inferno gave C9 fans the impression that the “Colossus” was more than ready to take on Virtus Pro in the opening round of Flashpoint’s Group C.

The series, however, was anything but easy for C9. VP won the anti-eco and the following six rounds. The CIS team stomped C9 16-5 on Inferno, the first official map for C9’s new team, and started the second map with a significant psychological edge.

On Overpass, the game started pretty much the same as Inferno. Once again, VP won several rounds in a row in the first half (nine, to be exact), dismantling C9’s T-side. The new international team tried their best on their CT-side, but VP took the map 16-14, sending C9 to Flashpoint’s Group C lower bracket.

Mezii was statistically the best C9 player in the series (39-35 K/D), which wasn’t what most fans envisioned. Expected stars woxic and es3tag only showed glimpses of hard-fragging. Overall, the MVP of the series was either YEKINDAR (45-37) or Jame (38-30), who won five clutch situations throughout the series.

It’s likely too soon to expect great results from a team that signed its fifth player less than one month ago. But C9’s new general manager Henry “HenryG” Greer has set the bar high. He branded C9’s new team as the “Colossus” and expects ALEX, woxic, es3tag, floppy, and mezii to become a top-10 team within a year.

C9 and VP will play again for Flashpoint on Sunday, Nov. 15. The CIS side will play at 7am CT against the winner of Gen.G vs. OG, while Cloud9 will take on the loser at 10am CT.