Viewers watched more than 2.4 billion total minutes of the ELEAGUE Major

We take a look at some of the key statistics of ELEAGUE's Major this past weekend.

With the official statistics of Turner and WME | IMG’s ELEAGUE released, we thought it’d be appropriate to take a look back at last weekend’s record-breaking major.

One thing that was apparent even before the statistics were released was the massive viewing numbers the ELEAGUE Major garnered, with the grand final between Astralis and exceeding one million concurrent viewers, the first time that viewership number has been reached on a single Twitch channel. The world watched in awe as the resilient Astralis clawed their way back into the final against, overcoming a 12-6 deficit in the deciding map to be crowned world champions.

On the subject of Twitch, for the whole seven days that the major took place, it was the number one channel on the streaming platform. On top of it’s record-breaking online viewership, TBS’ grand final coverage had a total viewer reach of over 3.6 million people, half of whom were first-time ELEAGUE viewers.

Across YouTube Gaming, TBS, Twitch and GOTV, viewers consumed a whopping 2.4 billion minutes of ELEAUGE Major action throughout the duration of the tournament (and I still didn’t get a drop).

The social media presence of 2017’s first major reached huge numbers throughout the week that the ELEAGUE Major was running, gathering over 45 million impressions across Facebook and Twitter.

You can view all of the ELEAGUE Major statistics via their infographic below.

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Photo credits: @junioritisELEAGUE

Statistics provided by Turner and WME | IMG’s ELEAGUE