Valve presents 2022 Service Medal in CS:GO

Your yearly award for playing Counter-Strike will be available soon.

Image via Valve

CS:GO’s developer Valve has revealed more details about this year’s Service Medal.

The 2022 Service Medal in CS:GO doesn’t differ much in comparison to the one from previous years. To get it, players must reach Global General in the game, which is level 40. You can do so by playing any mode in CS:GO since you are rewarded with experience points no matter the final score.

Every year, CS:GO players are awarded with Service Medals. These small awards are available to display during your games and are proof that you’ve been an active player for the past 12 months.

Image via Valve

When players reach the aforementioned rank, they must reset it to earn the 2022 Service Medal.

There’s one thing they need to look out for, though. The 2020 badge will be available starting Jan. 1, so players need to wait a couple more days to obtain it. If players reset their rank before the end of the year, they’ll get the 2021 Service Medal.

With a couple of days left before the year ends, those yet to reach Global General still can jump into the game and catch up.