Valve is finally nerfing pistols, starting with the Tec-9

It’s the beginning of the end for eco rush strategies.

Image via Steam

Pistols are finally getting their long-awaited adjustments in a beta update.

The Counter-Strike developer plans on promoting “skillful use of the weapons,” and the Tec-9 Terrorist pistol is the first to be fixed.

Initial nerfing changes to the $500 pistol include improved first shot accuracy, reduced rapid fire accuracy, and reduced magazine and reserve ammo capacity. The magazine amounts are changing from 24 to 18, while the total reserve is changing from 120 to 90.

Image via [SlothSquadron](

This nerf is being done to “emphasize aiming while retaining the weapon’s high mobility,” according to Valve. It’s apparent that Valve’s beginning steps to nerfing pistols is to nerf running accuracy, instead of reducing damage and reducing running speed. Those suggestions had been among the many proposed changes to pistols.

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It’s fitting that the update takes place during the August player break, in which players are taking time off from traveling to events. Now professional players are able to properly test the changes and give constructive feedback without the stress of attending events.

DreamHack Malmo will be the first big tournament following the August break at the beginning of September—and the first major test of these changes.