CS:GO’s latest patch discounts sticker capsules from PGL Antwerp Major, adds graffiti, multiple Gyro and FlickStick options

Players can finally obtain capsules for a lower price.

Image via Valve

After days of waiting, CS:GO players can finally rejoice. Valve has just dropped the newlatest patch for the game, and it has a feature that players have been waiting for since the PGL Antwerp Major ended.

Sticker capsules for the latest Major are now 75 percent off. The patch also brings a few changes to map Iris, including a new graffiti, and features updates for Gyro and FlickStick controls.

Iris isn’t a map included in the Active Duty Maps (the maps that are played in official tournaments) but still has seen some love from Valve in the latest patch. Besides a few tweaks here and there, the biggest update is definitely the “Karambit from Heaven” graffiti, which was added on B-site. It’s the first community-made graffiti on the map.

The biggest amount of new features was added to the Gyro and FlickStick controls. From now on, players will have the chance to enable a few additional modes, which should make gameplay easier. These modes include options like switching to conventional stick aiming while scoped when using FlickStick.

Additionally, a “walk zone” was added to the movement stick, which should be a good alternative for players using unconventional controllers to walk. The default controller layout was also changed, while Valve also launched a couple of extra official Steam input SteamController configurations.