Valve introduces minor changes to Revolver, updates 2 maps in latest CS:GO patch

The devs have made some more minor changes to the game.

Image via Valve

Valve is continuing to ship updates to its leading first-person shooter, CS:GO.

The latest patch, which hit the live servers last night, includes a series of minor changes to gameplay as well as tweaks to two maps, Ember and Hive.

The developers have updated the R8 Revolver skin Crazy 8, which was recently added to the game with the Recoil case. Other gameplay tweaks include fixes to the map veto process in the Premier matchmaking mode and amendments to the kill panel to properly show the killer’s weapon.

Multiple changes have been made to Ember and Hive as well, two maps that aren’t part of the official map pool for tournaments. Ember is a Danger Zone map, while Hive is used exclusively in the Wingman mode.

The devs have polished a few locations on Ember. Drops spawn places should work more effectively now since they can no longer spawn above rock tunnels near Observatory, which was difficult to access. They can, on the other hand, now spawn at Docks building. Valve has made a few locations more accessible, including the docks.

As for Hive, the devs have removed the train horn sound on the bombsite, while removing handrails to prevent headpeeks. The statue in the middle of the map has been adjusted as well.