Valve adds Flick Stick to CS:GO

The popular controller setup has made its way to CS:GO.

Image via Valve

Valve has launched another update to CS:GO. Today’s patch doesn’t change much in terms of balance, but it does add one significant option to the game: Flick Stick.

Flick Stick is a unique input scheme for controllers that was developed by Jibb Smart, a game developer and input specialist. It revolutionizes traditional input mapping.

In first-person shooters, while playing with a controller, the left stick is responsible for the movement, while the right controls vertical and horizontal aiming. With Flick Stick, though, the right controller is used merely for horizontal aiming, while the vertical stick is handled by gyro controls.

Jibb Smart, the Flick Stick’s creator, explained how the Flick Stick works in games like CS:GO in 2019.

Valve has now finally embraced Jibb Smart’s tech and added Flick Stick to the game. “Flick Stick mode is now enabled in Options > Controller, as opposed to the SteamInput Configurator. Bind your Right Stick (or preferred aiming stick) to ‘Joystick Camera”; in the configurator,” it says in the patch notes.

Aside from the new controller option, the update doesn’t change much. The devs have fixed some general bugs, like input delay after closing radial menu and Hammer crash on startup when a player wasn’t logged into Steam. But that’s about it.

The patch is now live.