TYLOO and Grayhound qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major

The Chinese and Australian teams succeeded once again at the Asia Minor.

Photo via StarLadder

TYLOO and Grayhound made it out of the Asia Minor to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major in August.

Both teams played at the last Major, IEM Katowice in February, but finished at the bottom of the competition, forcing them to need to attend the regional qualifier. While Grayhound won all four of their matches and defeated TYLOO, the Chinese team had to play a fifth match to qualify for the Major.

Grayhound had an impeccable campaign at the Minor. Ollie “DickStacy” Tierney and crew defeated Energy, AVANT, MVP PK, and TYLOO to become the first team at the Asia Minor to qualify for the StarLadder Berlin Major. 

They only dropped one map throughout the entire competition and it was to TYLOO. Grayhound’s AWPer Simon “Sico” Williams ended the tournament with a 1.35 rating across eight maps, the highest number at the event.

TYLOO, on the other hand, went through FFAmix, Alpha Red, and AVANT before losing 2-1 to Grayhound. But they won the last match of the Asia Minor against MVP PK to directly qualify for the Major. HaoWen “somebody” Xu didn’t finish too far behind of Sico with a 1.29 rating in 11 maps.

MVP PK, who lost to TYLOO, will have to go through the Minor play-in against teams like North, INTZ, and another CIS team to qualify for the Major. This last chance qualifier gives three out of four spots for the StarLadder Berlin Major.

TYLOO and Grayhound will have a few weeks to rest and prepare for the Major, which starts on Aug. 23.