This bizarre CS2 bug forbid players from finishing the round

That's a new one.

Two players shooting each other on Ancient in Counter-Strike 2.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Despite Valve trying its hardest, Counter-Strike 2 players still bump into bugs from time to time. Recently, a few of them experienced a bug where they couldn’t end a round despite eliminating the enemy team.

The bug occurred on Ancient, where Laretus, a player who posted it on Reddit on Nov 19., was playing T side. When they and their team were up 11-3, they eliminated the whole CT squad, but the round still didn’t end, forcing them to plant the bomb.

Laretus and their team quickly dismantled the CTs in round 15, mostly eliminating them in the middle of the map. But, CS2 bugs struck again, and this time around, the Terrorists were forced to take the bomb to A site and plant it. The clip doesn’t show it going off, but we believe once it did, the round must’ve surely finished. In the end, what more can you do?

It’s the first time we’ve seen such an issue in CS2, and looking at Valve’s habits of quickly fixing glaring bugs shortly after they’re highlighted by the community, this one should get tweaked pretty soon as well. But, we must admit, as far as the bugs in the game go, this one takes the cake for one of the most bizarre and hilarious ones.

The game is still in a much better state than it was during its late September launch. As we mentioned, Valve has been working tirelessly on it and has deployed numerous updates since it went live. On Nov. 16, they released arguably the biggest patch to date, which solved dozens of issues and addressed each of the seven maps in the active pool.


Mateusz Miter
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