The story behind the “hey its me ur brother” meme

Never let strangers "see your knife"—ever.

Scam attempts are unavoidable in the realm of gaming, but one notable Steam user tried to scam with the hilarious phrase, “hey its me ur brother.”

The “hey its me ur brother” meme has seeped its way into almost every prominent social media platform with meme creators—like Reddit, Imgur, Steam, and Twitter—so it’s no surprise that the internet deemed this phrase worthy of immortality.

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So where does the story originate?

A Steam user under the alias “EvilClone28” received a request from “XxsnoopyXx” to trade for a knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Knives in CS:GO are the most expensive cosmetic items, or skins, in the game. A scammer like snoopy could easily cash that knife in to a skin site for a quick profit or a quick gamble.

Snoopy requested to see the knife, but EvilClone28 refused. Snoopy persisted, though, asking for his brother’s name. Once EvilClone said his brother’s name, “theoriginal28,” he immediately changed his Steam nickname to theoriginal28. Then he said one of the most iconic phrases in CS:GO—hey its me ur brother. “No it’s not,” EvilClone responded. The scammer ended with a simple “yes” to defend his claim. Snoopy did not get the knife. No surprise there.

After the altercation, EvilClone posted a screenshot of the Steam conversation to Imgur and Reddit. The Reddit post only gained about 3,000 upvotes, yet it somehow gained enough popularity to go viral on meme sites. It even has its own page on the Know Your Meme website, where memes are explained in an Urban Dictionary kind of way.

EvilClone has become such a prominent figure in meme history that people still bug him about the meme to this very day. There are over 100 pages of comments on his Steam profile with “hey its me ur brother.”