The latest CS:GO update introduces new maps and economy changes

Valve dropped an absolute bomb of an update tonight.

Image via Valve

A number of additions and changes were added in an update to CS:GO tonight that can change the landscape of the game drastically.

There are two new maps in the game, Biome and Sub-Zero, along with a few map pool changes across the board. The CZ-75a and Tec-9 pistols received balancing changes as well, and the SG553 and AUG assault rifles were given lower price points. The most significant change in the update, however, was the tweaking of the start-game economy, which allows player to have more money after a pistol round loss.


Valve wants to reduce the impact of a pistol round win early in the half, so they’ve increased the loss bonus from $1,400 to $1,900. The subsequent loss bonuses are then $2,400, $2,900, $3,400, and $3,900 for each consecutive round loss for that given team. These loss bonuses only count at the beginning of the half and don’t occur mid-half. The reset loss bonus is still $1,400.

Professional players and analysts are giving the eco changes mixed reviews, with some saying it’s more lenient on teams who lose the pistol round. Beforehand, teams tend to force buy pistols for a shot at winning round two to reset their opponent’s eco after losing the pistol. But now teams who lose the pistol round should theoretically have an equal buy to the team who wins it.


  • Austria is replacing Canals in Competitive Matchmaking.
  • Biome and Sub-Zero is debuting in Casual Matchmaking, but not Competitive.
  • Shipped and Insertion are no longer available for play in official Matchmaking.




The CZ now has increased recoil, increased fire inaccuracy, and a slightly-improved accuracy recovery rate, which Valve says is meant to “encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges.” The Tec-9, on the other hand, now has reduced fire inaccuracy and slightly improved accuracy rate, like the CZ. This will make the Terrorist pistol “more forgiving at medium rates of fire,” according to Valve.