ESL Barcelona CS:GO Invitational: Day 1 Recap

ESL Barcelona 2016 kicked off today with eight fantastic matches, so here is a breakdown of the tournament and its format, as well as all of the matches played on Day 1.

The best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from across Europe come together this weekend in Barcelona to compete for a prize pool of 75,000. Here is the breakdown of how the cash is divided and the rules for the tournament.

Basic rules:

  •         Each team is granted three lives.
  •         For every game lost, teams lose one life.
  •         The tournament continues until there is only one team with lives left.

Advanced rules:

  •         For every game won, teams will get to choose which two teams play each other next.
  •         No one can play twice in a row (unless unavoidable).
  •         One of the teams picked needs to be from the teams with the least amount of matches played (until impossible).
  •         Map choices will be made via veto by the playing teams.

ESL Barcelona CS:GO (three lives)
+€1000 per win and remaining life
Rank Prize Wins + lives Total
1st €22,000 7 €29,000
2nd €11,000 5 €16,000
3rd €5,500 3 €8,500
4th €4,500 3 €7,500
5th €3,500 2 €5,500
6th €2,500 2 €4,500
7th €1,500 1 €2,500
8th €500 1 €1,500
Total €75,000


The teams competing for this massive amount of money are:

Now that you are familiar with the rules and what is on the line for these teams, here is the tournament recap for day one:

EnVyUs vs. Fnatic

  •         Map: Train
  •         Score: EnVyUs wins 16-10 

Astralis vs. G2

  •         Map: Dust 2
  •         Score: Astralis wins 19-16 

Dignatas vs. gBots

  •         Map: Cobblestone
  •         Score: Dignatas wins 16-14 

x6tence vs. Astralis

  •         Map: Mirage
  •         Score: Astralis wins 16-2 

Vexed Gaming vs. Dignatas

  •         Map: Mirage
  •         Score: Dignatas wins 16-8 

EnVyUs vs. Fnatic

  •         Map: Cobblestone
  •         Score: Fnatic wins 16-14 

Vexed Gaming vs. x6tence

  •         Map: Cobblestone
  •         Score: Vexed wins 16-2 

Fnatic vs. gBots

  •         Map: Inferno
  •         Score: Fnatic wins 16-13 

After all of the matches played on Day 1, here are the standings going into tomorrow:

  • Fnatic- two lives left
  • EnVyUs- two lives left
  • Astralis- three lives left
  • G2- two lives left
  • Team Dignatas- three lives left
  • Vexed Gaming- two lives left
  • gBots- one life left
  • x6tence- one life left

Matches begin tomorrow morning with G2 vs. x6tence, and you can catch all of the action on the ESL CS:GO twitch channel

What do you think of the impressive performance by gBots and who do you think will be on top tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Twitter for tomorrow’s recap.- @eSportsNation