27 November 2015 - 09:23

Team Solomid Crushing It At Dreamhack Winter 2015

Today at the Dreamhack Open TSM beat Team Liquid 16-0.
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altToday at the Dreamhack Open TSM beat Team Liquid 16-0. This was surprising as Liquid is in the top 10 and looked strong going into this tournament. TSM is standing strong in this so far, but in the past people have have said that they will crush and they fall behind.

Soon we will see Virtus.Pro take on TSM and see how they fair. TSM looks to be the favorite to win, but as always any team can come out ahead if the wrong plays are made. We will have more from the Dreamhack Winter Open as the tournament progresses.

Update: TSM beat Virtus.Pro in their match. It was a close match, but TSM powered through in the end. Now we wait to see the results of the day between Luminosity Gaming and Fnatic. NIP won their match against Team EnVyUs 8-16.


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