Summit1g says the Krieg needs to be nerfed in CS:GO

Summit1g joined the anti-Krieg crusade after his last CS:GO match.

Screengrab via Summit1G

Popular Twitch streamer and former semi-professional CS:GO player Summit1g called out the game because of its “stupid” Krieg meta during his latest stream.

The Krieg became popular last year when Valve lowered its price and pros realized how strong the weapon is. The Krieg’s usage hasn’t decreased, though, even after Valve raised its price back to normal. Many pros and CS:GO talents have been asking for a stats nerf ever since.

Summit1g doesn’t play CS:GO that much nowadays—he’s more focused on battle royales. The streamer, however, thinks the gun doesn’t belong in competitive Counter-Strike.

“I don’t play competitive Counter-Strike,” Summit1g said. “None of these guys can play competitive Counter-Strike sitting on this stupid Sig meta when it’s clearly overpowered.”

Summit1g is shocked that every player knows that the gun is OP but still uses it.

“I can’t wait until we don’t have to worry about that bullshit,” Summit1g said. “I don’t compete in Counter-Strike but it’s a fucking joke every time I play this game getting one-tapped by this dumbass weapon.”

Over the course of his stream, Summit1g said that this is one of the reasons why he stopped playing CS:GO. He said Valve takes too long to fix the game’s issues.

It’s unclear, though, if Valve will nerf the Krieg in an upcoming update. A lot of CS:GO pros have publicly spoken against the current meta, including Team Liquid’s captain nitr0, who called it “mindblowing” yesterday.