Stickers for the FACEIT London Major are now available

RIP to your Steam wallet.

Image via Valve

Prepare your Steam wallets—stickers for the upcoming Valve Major are out.

The official stickers of the FACEIT London Major—the 13th Major in history—have arrived in CS:GO, and they’re just as good-looking as expected. Like the ELEAGUE Boston Major in January, this set contains 24 teams of stickers, with eight rosters in each of the three status classifications—Legends, Challengers, and Minor Champions.

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Five new lineups will have their organization’s stickers coming to the game, including MIBR (former SK Gaming), Winstrike (former QBF), compLexity Gaming, Rogue Gaming, and Team Spirit. It’s expected that these stickers will have higher prices on the Steam community market, if you don’t buy them in-game.

The 19 other teams, whose stickers are returning for the London Major, were either featured in the last Major or have participated in past Majors before ELEAGUE Boston. Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic Gaming are the notable organizations who haven’t qualified for a Valve Major for at least a year, so those stickers could be slightly more expensive than usual.

To see the stickers, take a look at the Steam community market filter labeled “London 2018” under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The $1 million London Major will kick off on Sept. 5, starting with the New Challengers Stage, where eight Minor Champions and eight Challengers will face off. For a comprehensive list of everything we know about the FACEIT London Major, check out our event preview that contains the formats, schedule, and list of teams.