‘Ready to grind’: Stewie2K is a free agent again after 7-month break

Will he make a return to form?

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Stewie2k has officially announced his free agency and seems to be gearing up to return to either the Counter-Strike or VALORANT scene.

The first-person shooter veteran cut ties with Evil Geniuses on March 27, 2023, after originally joining the North American organization in January of the year prior. Yip shared the beginning of a new chapter on Twitter and didn’t rule out the possibility of playing Counter-Strike, despite his recent focus on VALORANT.

Stewie2k shared “he’s ready to grind” and it seems his path is dependent on what opportunities present themselves. He thanked “the fans who continued to support [his] stream” and said after a “rough time away” he’s ready to compete again.

Stewie has been an incredibly impactful member of the American CS:GO scene over the years and has been a part of almost every noteworthy organization in the region. The Major winner tore through the competition with Team Liquid in 2019. However, his time at EG saw Stewie fail to replicate his prior success.

The NA ex-IGL made waves as he exited the scene roughly seven months ago. He took aim at a couple of esports figures before his departure, including veteran, French, coach Damien “maleK” Bennouioua and HLTV’s Danish “Nohte” Allana.

Allana had written a piece detailing Stewie2k’s CS:GO career, leading to an eventual outburst from Yip, on stream. The NA player called out the EG org, critiquing their managerial methods, and also tore into maleK along the way. Stewie2k went on to admit “I don’t really give a shit about EG CS,” despite still being a part of the org.

Whether this controversy impacts his finding a team remains to be seen.


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