The Spectrum 2 Collection drops in time for the release of CS:GO in China

Thanks, Valve.

Another weapon skin case has hit the Steam community market, just in time for the release of CS:GO in China.

The Spectrum 2 case is the 25th collection of case skins to be introduced to the game. It’s also being also the successor to the original Spectrum case, which came to CS:GO in a March update alongside the release of the Italy-based map Canals.

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With 17 designed weapons waiting to be opened, the Spectrum Two case features two Covert skins (Reds), three Classified skins (Pinks), five Restricted skins (Purples), and seven Mil-Spec skins (Blues).

The lineup of skins in this case include an AK-47, a P250, an M4A1-S, an R8 Revolver, a PP-Bizon, a CZ75-Auto, an UMP-45, an XM1014, an SG 553, an MP9, a Glock-18, a Tec-9, a G3SG-1, a SCAR-20, a Sawed-Off, an AUG, and a MAC-10.

The rare items, with an extremely low probability of being dropped, include a set of second generation Chroma knives. These include the Butterfly Knife, the Huntsman Knife, the Falchion Knife, Shadow Daggers, and the Bowie Knife. The cosmetic possibilities from the Spectrum 2 case are Damascus Steel, Doppler (all phases), Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Rust, and Ultraviolet.

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Players worldwide can now enjoy the new skins in-game—but only if they’re lucky to be dropped a case.